How to Increase Stamina and Focus on Exam Day

  If you've been concerned about your ability to stay focused for 3 hours while you're writing actuarial Exam P or FM, you're not alone.  It's actually really difficult to sit down, doing complex mathematics, for such a long period.  So, I've put together 4 tips...

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What ADAPT level are Exam P and FM?

If you’ve been working away on ADAPT exams, you’re probably wondering what level of exams you need to get up to in order to pass. Most people agree that the real exam is usually around a level 4-5 for Exam P and FM. But, that doesn’t mean that you should stop when you...

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What is the best order to take the actuarial exams?

Whether you’re just getting started on your actuarial exams, or you’ve already passed a few, you’re here because you want to know the best way to proceed going forward. So, what’s the best order to take actuarial exams?

The short answer is: there isn’t a required order to write exams in, so it’s completely up to you on how you proceed. But, Exam P and FM tend to be the easiest for most people, so you should start by passing those two first. IFM should be third. After that, order should be determined based on your schooling and experience.

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