Do you get a formula sheet on Exam P?

Do you get a formula sheet on Exam P? Keep reading or watch the video above to find out! A common question I get from members of my Study Strategy Program is “Do you get a formula sheet on Exam P?” and the answer is no, not really. When you write the probability exam,...

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The best calculator for Exam P & FM

Let's start off with a really quick tip: Bring 2 or 3 calculators on exam day! OK, now that you know that, here are the two calculators I recommend you get: TI-30XS multiview and the BAII Plus. To see why I like these two, and find out more about why you should bring...

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How to Pass Actuarial Exams Fast

Trying to figure out how to pass actuarial exams fast?  They're tough! But here I'm going to tell you the secret to passing them quickly. So if you’ve haven’t looked recently, the pass rates for Exam P and FM (the first actuarial exams most people take) are about 50%...

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Can’t pass actuarial exams

So I get it, you're feeling like you can't pass actuarial exams right? I completely sympathize with you. I failed Exam P twice before I passed. It was sorta depressing. I honestly felt like giving up. But looking back now (I've passed 6 of 8), I totally see what I was...

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How to Study for Exam P

If you're wondering how to pass Exam P, or you just want to know how to study for it properly, this post is going to tell you how to do that! I have to say that trying to pass your first actuarial exam can be a bit overwhelming.  When you've never written an actuarial...

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The #1 thing you need to pass Exam P and FM

Are you writing Exam P or FM soon?  If so, I bet you've heard or maybe even seen that the pass rates for these exams is really low. Only about 50% of the candidates pass each time the exams are offered.  That includes those candidates writing for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th...

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Is your exam important to you?

Do you ever listen to podcasts?  Aren’t they so awesome? An endless number of episodes about soo many interesting topics.  I’m addicted. Anyway, today in the podcast I was listing to during my lunch break walk around the block, the host asked a question…. “Are you...

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Use this strategy to kick your butt into gear

Well I did it! I’m using my own tactics against myself. About a year ago now I got in really good shape for a trip to the Dominican. But then after the trip I stopped eating as healthy and well.. I gained a few pounds back. 7 to be exact! And I’ve been wanting to get...

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Actuaries are Challenge Seekers?

Hm, well I just had a bit of an epiphany. Earlier today I talked to someone really smart in the field of psychology. I’m fascinated with the human mind and how people think. It’s just so awesome. So today during our discussion, he said to me “You’re a challenge...

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