If you know you won’t have the time to learn and memorize all this…

Then Prioritize with the Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet

For the SOA Fellowship Exams

Your employer study program often pays for the Cheat Sheet! Worth the ask..

Imagine… Being able to set priorities during your study time based on what the SOA most commonly tests….

Imagine… Being able to see exactly how each reading has been tested in the past…

Well… you can!

With the Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet

It’s based on actual data from the SOA..

The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Some readings are tested much more frequently than others.

The Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet analyzes testing trends over the past 8 exam sittings

so that you know how to best spend your limited study time.

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Why Students Recommend the Cheat Sheet

Clarity and insight into which readings to prioritize

Organized and focused study time

⇒ A summary of past exam questions by reading

Guaranteed unlimited access until you pass the exam

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Excellent customer service (I usually respond within a few hours)

How’s it work?

The Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet is delivered in an Excel Workbook and contains a listing of all the readings that have ever been tested.

I’ve analysed past exams and determined the likelihood of each reading being tested on the upcoming exam.  The likelihoods are based on the number of times that the reading has been tested relative to the number of opportunities it has had to be tested since Fall 2013.

For example, if an exam has 10 questions, each reading had 10 opportunities to be tested on that exam.

The Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet uses a five color system to show you the relative likelihood of each reading being tested.

A green reading is highly likely to be tested.  Yellow and orange readings have a lesser probability of being tested.  Red readings have never been tested.  White readings don’t have enough history to analyse yet.

The Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet also shows you which past exam questions you can refer to for practice of any of the previously tested readings.

Watch the video below for more in-depth information about the Cheat Sheet and how you can use it for your studies.

Here’s what other students are saying..

“The cheat sheet was invaluable for both understanding the vast landscape of readings and allocating study time. Being able to sort readings by importance helped me keep me keep the eye on the ball and “focus” on what was important. I’m naturally disorganized so I found myself frequently going back to the cheat sheet to stay on track. It definitely saved me a lot of time and headache” – Andrew

“There was at least one topic for my last exam sitting that I pretty much solely reviewed at the end because of that worksheet and then nailed a question on it, so I am a big fan.” -AO member

“I’d love to memorize everything about everything (sarcasm…) …but I’m being realistic with myself that that won’t happen and using Etched’s worksheet as a way to focus.” – AO Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just make this myself?

Yes, you could.  But the first one I created took me over 8 hours to create so your time could be much better spent studying!  It’s also very tedious since the SOA seems to slightly change the name of most readings each time they create a new syllabus.

Do I need the Cheat Sheet?

When writing a fellowship exam, every little bit helps.  If the cheat sheet increases your score by only 5-10 points, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Do you know which readings are going to be tested?

No.  I have summarized past exam data to find the trends. I’ve used these trends to help make predictions in which readings are most likely to be tested on exam day.  There are no guarantees.