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Tons of resources to help you learn the technical skills you need!

You can get access to tons of Excel trainings and resources for your actuarial career in our Actuary Accelerator Community

In the AAC, you’ll get:

  • 7 Excel sessions (from very beginner to advanced functionality)
  • 2 VBA programming sessions (to teach you the beginning skills necessary for aspiring actuaries)
  • 2 Excel projects to complete (actuarial related)
  • The Resume Master Course to help you add your skills to your resume so that they stand out.
  • Tons of other resources to help you achieve your actuarial goals (study resources, job search resources, etc)
  • Access to Brea and a community of other aspiring actuaries all “geeking out” about actuarial stuff together (they’re super motivational too!).

The Actuary Accelerator Community is currently closed to new members. Join the waitlist to be the FIRST to get access to these resources when it opens again! Go here to join the waitlist!

— Brea