How to Pass Actuarial Exams Training


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Want to join the Study Strategy Program? The 4-month membership mentioned in the video isn’t currently available, but you can get an even better deal right now.

If you failed Exam P in January 2020 and want to retake it in March, then you are eligible to join the program today for $99.  That will give you access to the program from today until your exam in March (about two months).  Two months in the SSP is usually $170, so you’re getting 55% off (that’s means you’re saving $70) by joining today for the March Exam P window.

How to join: You can learn the details of the program here but to get the special 2-month $99 deal, you should go to the hidden page here to sign up.  This is only available to anyone that took Exam P in January 2020 and is going to try again in March.

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