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Topic: How You Can be Successful in the Actuarial Field

Description: Do you wish you knew exactly what to do to become a top candidate for actuarial jobs?  Well, you’re in luck! That’s what you’ll learn during Saturday’s workshop.  First, you’ll be able to determine how qualified you already are, and then you’ll discover the steps you need to take to rise to the top and get your first full-time actuarial position.

Time: Saturday, July 11th @ 7pm ET.

Bonus: At the end of workshop, you’ll get access to my recorded interview with Madison, an entry-level actuary, who gives you tons of tips, advice and insight into how to get an actuarial job.  We discuss the kinds of questions she was asked, the Excel tests that she had to take, and even the application process.  It’s an interview you’ll definitely want to watch!

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