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Can you relate?… Here’re a few stressed-out quotes from some of my (awesome) clients:

“I have an idea of what they’re asking for but I’m barely following the solution.

“.. I read this question.. thought I knew what I was doing until I saw the solution… I was totally confused… why law of total probability?”

“How did they get ½ – ¼ ? I have no idea what’s going on. It’s been very frustrating..”

I was really confused on this problem in general. Is “a priori” something that we really need to know?”


Most of my clients are completely frustrated (as am I) with how confusing and complicated the solutions to so many of the practice problems are.

I mean, why can’t these “question writers” just give simple, step-by-step, clear explanations of their solutions? UGHHH.


I digress..

But anyway, no need to spend any of your own time trying to figure them out yourself.

It’s a big waste of your study time anyway. It’s time better spent learning.

So I’m giving personal Q&A email support so that when you do get confused/frustrated/annoyed with whatever those “question writers” are saying, you can simply ask your technical questions to me and get no-non-sense solutions back quickly.

This is specifically for any questions about exam content or technical/math related questions.

Easy, eh?

>> Oh, and if you don’t need to ask more than 4 questions in any given month – get your money back for the month. 🙂

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Ask unlimited questions.  Any time. Get simple & straight forward answers back.

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