Looking for the Study Strategy Program?

Hey there!

It looks like you were searching for the Study Strategy Program.

That program became discontinued on August 26, 2021 because with the high demand, we could no longer keep up with the quality of our support.

Don’t worry though!

We’ve got something better to support you on your entire actuarial journey…

It’s called the Actuary Accelerator Community!

In the Actuary Accelerator Community, you can get access to tons of resources to help you achieve your actuarial goals.

Everything from

  • Passing actuarial exams
  • Learning technical skills, like Excel, VBA and Python
  • Understanding how to network, create an amazing resume, and how to perform well during interviews
  • Plus way more too…

It’s like an all-in-one actuary support system, designed just for you!


Just go here to check it out.

— Brea