Don’t get stuck in learning mode

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Exams, Pre-ASA |

A while ago now, I was listening to a podcast about business.  It’s one of my fav topics.

Anyway, the host of the show was talking about how there is SOO much information online about how to start a business and run it successfully.

Like, really… there are thousands of people teaching this stuff.

All with unique points of view or different tips and tricks.

I’m sure I could have spent a year just learning and researching business stuff before I actually started my Study Strategy Program.

Thing is though, if I hadn’t taken ACTION (and instead just kept learning) then I would have been a year behind where I am now.

  • I guess that means I wouldn’t have started yet.
  • I wouldn’t be working with 40+ AWESOME Study Strategy Program members. (You should be one!!)
  • And I wouldn’t be writing this blog post today.

If I don’t put the things I’ve learned into ACTION…. What’s the point of listening and reading about it?!?!

There is no point!…
So now that I realize this, I’ve made a new rule for myself.

And that’s that I NEVER consume more information when instead I COULD be taking ACTION.

That means that I’m actually implementing… putting things into ACTION, and not just learning learning learning  (that’s “learning mode”).

Implementing takes work though.  It’s wayyy more difficult than just learning!

So you, as someone studying for an actuarial exam could be doing something very similar.

If you’ve been in “learning mode”, which is reading through your study guide, for more than 1.5 months (max), you’re letting it take too long.

You need to start USING what you’ve learned and applying it to REAL problems that are on the exam.

Like I said, learning mode is easy.  You don’t really have to think a whole lot.

But doing practice problems, that’s more difficult.  It requires a lot of mental energy and focus.

But, just like with a business, if you never IMPLEMENT the things you’re learning then things aren’t gunna go well on exam day.

SOOO… If you’ve been in “learning mode” for too long now, here’s what I want you to do…

STOP rereading your manual (read it once and then start problems).

If you’re just going through your manual for the first time still – FINISH IT within the next 7-10 days.

It is possible if you don’t let other things get in the way!!

Reading and reading and reading more is NOT how you’re going to pass on exam day.

IMPLEMENTING is how you’ll succeed.


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