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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I include the AAC in my resume?

Yes! You can potentially include the AAC in a section covering organizations you are a part of. As you complete our projects and courses in the AAC, you can list these explicitly in your resume. Employers are always interested in candidates who are dedicated to bettering themselves for the profession.

Is there a discount I can get for being a student/international student?

Unfortunately no, we don’t have special discounts at this time.

Is the AAC only for job seekers?

With the addition of our Excel and Python courses, the AAC can be for anyone looking to improve their technical skills in these areas.

I am a career changer, is the AAC right for me?

The AAC is perfect for career changers. We give you all the tools and resources to be a top candidate for actuarial roles. Our program is highly recommended for aspiring actuaries from ALL backgrounds. We have had several successful members from varying backgrounds be a part of our community. In the AAC, you will have access to interviews with our career changer members.

I have already done an internship, should I still join the AAC?

Yes! If you are looking to make yourself the best actuarial candidate you can be and have access to different resources to improve your technical skills, you should definitely consider joining the AAC.

I am a student/still in high school, should I join the AAC now?

It is never too early to start planning for your actuarial career. The AAC will help you learn more about the career path, what it takes to become a successful candidate, and more! The earlier you join, the better you can set yourself up for success.

Can you review my resume?

Feel free to share your resume with our WhatsApp AAC Community. Your peers can give you suggestions from what they have learned in the AAC or as a candidate themselves. Alternatively, you can send us your resume for review at We highly recommend you go through our Resume Master Course before sending your resume for review.

Warrior Group

Are there study materials for exams?

Our Exam P Warrior Group provides study materials and resources for Exam P. However, you are still able to use external resources for your studying. Our study schedule accommodates Coaching Actuaries, TIA, ACTEX, and ASM.

Do we get pass guarantee in the Warrior Group?

We do not provide Pass Guarantee in the Warrior Groups.

Can I still join the Warrior Group?

Once, the sign-up deadline closes, we are not able to accept new members into the Warrior Groups.

Will there be Warrior Groups for FM, IFM, etc.?

We are working on building the material for FM in order to support an FM Warrior Group. Make sure you are still subscribed to emails to know when this program is available.

Excel and Python Course

Can I get a certificate for Excel and/or Python Course?

We do not have a certificate for the Python course and Excel sessions individually, but feel free to add them to your resume! We do host Excel challenges from time to time and issue certificates to participants who complete the challenges.

Will there be R/SQL/SAS training in the future?

Our team is constantly researching and developing new features to include in the AAC. These programming languages are on our radar and definitely something we look forward to offering in the future.

Do you have any actuarial modeling seminars?

At the moment we are not offering actuarial modeling seminars.

If you have any other questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer them.  Just ask your question here and I’ll get back to you soon via email.