Top 5 Programming Languages for Actuaries

Do you really need to know a programming language to become a top candidate?

Here’s the thing. It’s totally possible to get hired without ever learning a programming language, but that will make your actuarial journey way harder than it has to be!

That’s because 64% of actuarial employers prefer a candidate that knows a programming language.

The Best Actuarial Schools

I always get tons of questions about which schools have the best actuarial science programs. Well, I’ve got some long overdue answers for you!

The thing is, you don’t need to get an actuarial science degree to become an actuary. In fact, it’s not necessarily your best option; you can learn why here.

Five Mistakes to Avoid on your Actuarial Journey

If you were making mistakes that could hinder your growth in the actuarial career, you would want to know, right?

As it turns out, there are five common mistakes that keep aspiring actuaries from achieving their dreams. You’re probably doing at least one thing that can slow down your career by months, or even years!

Luckily, every one of these mistakes is fixable. You’ll learn which mistakes you’re making, how to avoid them in the future, and what to do instead to accelerate your actuarial journey.

Passed Your First Actuarial Exam? Do This Next!

First off, congratulations on such a HUGE success! Passing an actuarial exam is far from easy, but you’ve done it!

Now that you’ve checked that off your list, you may be wondering what’s next. You may be surprised that I don’t recommend you immediately start studying for another exam.

That’s what many people end up doing.

However, there are other things that should be a higher priority right now.

How to Find an Actuarial Job or Internship (3 quick tips)

Looking for an actuarial job or internship? You’re in the right place!

Everyday, I’m helping people just like you to find their first actuarial internship or entry-level position. So, in this post I’ll go through the top 3 things you need to do to make sure you’re a competitive candidate for any position you apply to.

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