Top Actuarial Candidates MUST Know Excel

FACT: 73% of entry-level actuarial job posts have Microsoft Excel as a required or preferred program for any applicant to know.

Do your Excel skills meet their expectations?

Here’s What’s Included

In the Excel Master Course, You Get:

10 Excel Training Sessions; Beginner to Advanced

2 VBA Programming Training Sessions; Beginner

6 Actuarial Excel Projects and Solutions

Sample Excel Employer Test

How to Add Excel Projects to Your Actuarial Resume

Learn Excel from an Actuarial Perspective

Quickest Way to Learn Excel and VBA for Actuarial Jobs


Course Requirements

No prior knowledge of Excel is necessary.

 Excel license required (you can use Google Sheets for the Excel portion, and Microsoft offers a 30 day free trial of Excel that you can use for the VBA portion).

 You can complete the course at your own pace.

 Mac and PC instructions are provided.