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Discover the fail-proof, step-by-step plan to become a TOP actuarial candidate, so that you can get your first actuarial job as quickly and easily as possible!

“If you’re a TOP actuarial candidate, then it’s almost inevitable that you’ll get an actuarial job.” – Brea

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to become a top actuarial candidate that gets internships, interviews, and job offers no matter what undergrad degree you have or are pursuing.

Maintain a good WORK-LIFE BALANCE and SAVE TIME by using our step-by-step plan and resources that get you job-ready in just 2-3 hours per day.

Make FASTER progress and stay MOTIVATED by studying for exams with other members of the community.  You won’t feel like you’re doing this alone anymore.

Get CLARITY on what’s most important, so you can ELIMINATE the overwhelm and exhaustion that aspiring actuaries often feel throughout this journey.

The 5-Phase Plan

It’s no secret: the entry-level actuarial job market is competitive right now.

And if you’re like most aspiring actuaries, that alone might fill you with doubt about whether you really have what it takes to be successful.

But what if we told you that it really IS possible for you to be happy doing what you love, in a career that offers:

Financial stability


A strong work-life balance

And so much more!

All it takes is becoming a TOP candidate.

Think about it..

If you’re a TOP actuarial candidate, that has better qualifications than other candidates and a great personality, then why wouldn’t an insurance company want to hire you?

The answer is that they’d be CRAZY not to hire you!

So, that’s why the 5-Phase Actuary Accelerator Plan shows you the exact steps to take to become a TOP candidate, and then how to actually get that first job!All you have to do is follow the steps, and use the resources within the Actuary Accelerator Community to navigate through each of these phases and get your first full-time actuarial job!

Here’s What You Get

Watch the video below to see what’s waiting for you inside the Actuary Accelerator Community once you become a member.

The Phases Breakdown

As you progress through the phases and corresponding modules below, you gradually become a TOP actuarial candidate that will impress employers.

Beginner Candidate Phase

Discover everything you need to know about the actuarial career so that you can confidently decide whether it’s a good career choice for you, or not.

1.1 Interviews with Entry-Level Actuaries, Data Analysts and Other Professionals

1.2 Steps to Become a Credentialed Actuary (U.S. & Canada)

1.3 Get Your Actuary Questions Answered

Rising Candidate Phase

Obtain critical skills and knowledge early on, so that you can continue to advance those skills as you proceed through the later phases.

2.1 Excel Master Course (Teaching Sessions and Actuarial Projects Included)

2.2 Learn a Programming Language (VBA & Python Courses Included)

2.3 How to Gain Experience Actuarial Employers Value

2.4 How to Create a Resume That Attracts Employers

2.5 Time to Get an Internship or Stepping-Stone Position

Intermediate Candidate Phase

Gain specialized knowledge of the actuarial field, so that employers know you’re serious about the career and dedicated to becoming an actuary.

3.1 How to Pass Your First Actuarial Exam

3.1.1 Exam P/1 Study Materials Included

3.1.2 Coming Soon: Exam FM/2 Study Materials

3.2 How to Gain Real-World Technical Experience

3.3 Understanding Actuarial Terms and Concepts

Top Candidate Phase

Maximize your chances of getting an actuarial job by taking your qualifications to the highest level.

4.1 Amplify Your Related Experience

4.2 Time to Pass More Actuarial Exams



Full-Time Actuarial Job Phase

The secrets on how to prove to employers that you’d be an amazing addition to their team, so that you can get your first actuarial job as quickly as possible!

5.1 Actuarial Resume Master Course

5.2 LinkedIn Profile Boost Course

5.3 How to Network on LinkedIn to Get Interviews

5.4 How and When to Apply for Actuarial Jobs

5.5 How to Succeed in Actuarial Interviews

The Extras!

Make your actuarial jouney more fun and feel more connected knowing that you’re not going through this alone.

E.1 Gain Access to the Exclusive Members-Only WhatsApp Group

E.2 Live Actuary Q&A Sessions with Brea

E.3 Regular Community Challenges and Events to Improve Your Skills

Start Your Journey to the TOP Today!

Why You’ve Got to Become a Top Candidate

Stand out in a competitive job market: Employers have lots of candidates to choose from, so they often choose the most top candidates because they’re the most qualified ones.

Open up more opportunities for yourself: Top candidates commonly receive multiple offers, and their skills can be used in a variety of different career paths.

Increase your starting salary: Top candidates can expect to start off with a higher salary, and may even have more negotiation power because they are more qualified than most other candidates.

Less studying before you get hired: Top candidates don’t need to pass as many exams to get hired, because they have other qualifications that will make them stand out more.  That means hundreds of hours of your time saved!

Potential for bigger raises: Raises and bonuses are often a percentage of your income.  Higher starting salary means potential for higher raises and bonuses down the road.

Here’s What Other Successful Members Have Said…

Start Becoming a Top Candidate Today!

Select the membership option that works best for you! (Our “AAC + Mentoring Bundle” has VERY limited spots.)

Our 18-Month Success Guarantee!

You have 18 full months (that’s almost 550 days!) to put the Actuary Accelerator Community resources to the test and get your first full-time actuarial job.

If you’re a member of the Actuary Accelerator Community for 18 consecutive months and don’t end up getting an actuarial job within that timeframe, then we’ll issue a FULL REFUND of all payments you’ve made toward the program. We believe in this program THAT MUCH!

All you have to do is email proof to Nadine, our AAC manager (aac@etchedactuarial.com), that you’ve completed the modules in the program, and that you’ve applied to at least 50 actuarial positions in the prior 90 days to claiming this guarantee.*

Why do we ask that you show us your work?

Because members that don’t complete all the modules will be missing important qualifications that may prevent them from getting a job.  You’ve got to put in the work!

*See terms and conditions for full details.

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Exam P, FM, and IFM WhatsApp Study Groups ($599)

It’s always nice to have a group of other aspiring actuaries that are taking the same exam as you. That way, you can get help on questions, get support, and you always know that you’re not alone.

These Exam P, FM and IFM groups allow you to connect with other members that are taking the same exam as you.

Student Success Guide PDF ($67)

As a student, you’re bound to have lots of questions about how to successfully pursue the actuarial career while also studying for classes. You may even have concerns about the courses you’re taking, your GPA and how to get related experience.

This guide covers all that so that you feel confident about your actuarial career path.

Career-Changer Success Guide PDF ($67)

As a career changer, you face some different challenges than those aspiring actuaries that are still in school. But that doesn’t mean that your actuarial journey has to be harder. Actually, in some ways it might be a bit easier!

Access this guide to learn how to successfully switch careers into the actuarial field even if you’re starting this journey in your 20s, 30s or 40s.

How to Get an Actuarial Internship in a Month PDF ($99)

Learn the 5-step system for finding an actuarial internship quickly, even if you’re not in school anymore.

An internship is a great way to gain experience that actuarial employers value. You’ll get tons of tips and advice on how to get one as quickly as possible, and it includes tons of extra information you’ll be thankful to have.

Ready? All it Takes is 3 Simple Steps…

Join the Actuary Accelerator Community

Get instant access to tons of resources that will help you succeed.

Follow the Step-By-Step Plan

Each step gets you closer to becoming a TOP actuarial candidate.

Get Your Actuarial Dream Job!

Enjoy the high salary and a career you love.

Who’s This For?

The Actuary Accelerator Community was designed for the following 3 types of people:

Type 1: The Brand New Aspiring Actuary

You want to be an actuary but you’re overwhelmed with all the information and confused on where to start.  You might be concerned about whether or not you can really be successful in this career.

It’s common for aspiring actuaries to feel hesitant to fully commit to the career when there is so much uncertainty about their future.  They’ve heard that the exams are really difficult, failing is common, and that many people have wasted tons of time studying for exams and still weren’t able to find a job.

While these things may be true, that doesn’t have to be the case for you!

The people that share those stories typically have focused all their time on studying for exams. But members of the Actuary Accelerator Community learn that becoming a TOP candidate doesn’t mean passing tons of exams.

Instead, a TOP candidate will be well-rounded.  They’ll have a few exams passed, but they’ll also develop other skills, experience and knowledge that make them more valuable to actuarial employers.  You learn all that in the Actuary Accelerator Community, including how to do it all!

So, if the fear of not getting a job has been hindering you from taking a step forward in this career, you can now have confidence that you will be able to succeed if you’re willing to become a TOP candidate.

Type 2: The Exhausted Aspiring Actuary

You’ve set your mind on becoming an actuary and you have already taken actions towards becoming qualified.  But, you may be feeling exhausted from studying so much, frustrated with the lack of time you have, and may even feel yourself starting to lose motivation.

I remember my days being in your exact shoes.  It’s definitely no fun.

For so many aspiring actuaries, these issues cause their career progress to be super slow, or even worse, completely delayed and pushed further and further into the future.

But when you’ve worked so hard for this already, and put so much time, energy and money into it, you want to start “reaping the rewards” as soon as possible.

You want to get that actuarial dream job that you love.  You want to start solving real-world problems and making an impact.  You want that financial stability and job security that the actuarial career is known for.

So that’s why the Actuary Accelerator Community will give you specific, actionable steps to take so that you get your actuarial job in the least amount of time possible.

You’ll be able to schedule your day so that you do small chunks at a time, knowing that every time you make progress, you’re getting closer to starting your actuarial career and all that is has to offer.

Plus, other members will give you an endless amount of support, motivation, and inspiration.

Ever heard the saying, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”?  When you spend time in the members-only chat group, the momentum of other members will instantly motivate you to stay consistent and do your best everyday.

Type 3: The Job Searching Aspiring Actuary

You’ve started applying for actuarial jobs but haven’t had much success so far.  You may be starting to feel like giving up, or completely discouraged and wondering if you’ll ever be able to find a job.

Struggling to find that actuarial job that you’ve worked so hard for can create a huge mental block and completely kill your motivation to keep going.

We’ve found that there are typically two reasons that an aspiring actuary has difficulty getting a job, and there are resources to help with both in the Actuary Accelerator Community.

Reason # 1: The qualifications that the candidate brings to the table aren’t enough to stand out to employers among all the other candidates applying for the position.

Essentially, this means that the candidate isn’t a TOP actuarial candidate right now.  The Actuary Accelerator Community teaches you what to do to become more in-demand.  You will be able to skip over any steps that you’ve already taken.

Reason # 2: The candidate has a lot of great qualifications, but hasn’t clearly communicated those to employers, so that they fully understand the value that the candidate could bring to their company.

This means that the candidate’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing strategy need to be revised, edited, and possibly rearranged so that employers can better understand the skill set that the candidate offers and how it would be beneficial.

The Actuary Accelerator Community offers many resources to help you with all of this!

So, the actuarial career is definitely still possible for you. You can still get that actuarial job you love! You’ll just have to take a few more steps, that’s all.

Meet Your AAC Success Team!

Aspiring Actuaries Supported To Date



Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) & Leader of the AAC

Brea received her Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo.  She has 6 years of experience in actuarial internships and full-time actuarial roles. Now, she helps aspiring actuaries in the US and Canada to achieve their actuarial dreams too!



Manager of the AAC

Nadine has her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Actuarial Science. She has experience with statistical modeling and analysis, as well as experience in the field as a Data Analyst. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Analytics.



Actuarial Coach & Math Forum Rep

Andrew is a student at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has passed Exams P and FM and hopes to enter the actuarial profession after graduation. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing piano and trombone!



Math Forum Rep & 1-on-1 Actuarial Exam Tutor

Aaron has a degree in Economics/Mathematics from the University of Southern California, and is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is currently transitioning from private banking/wealth-management into the actuarial field.

Spotlight Courses

No need to pay extra for your exam study material and technical skills courses! As a member, those are part of the package!

Exam P Study Materials

As a member, you’ll get access to our exclusive Exam P Video Lessons that will teach you all the concepts you need to know for the exam.

The lessons are taught by Neelesh Tiruviluamala, a professor at the University of Southern California that has taught these concepts for years in a university setting!

Neel has tons of amazing reviews from his students too.  He’s absolutely one of the best math professors out there!

In the lessons, he uses tons of examples, because we believe that learning through examples makes learning these concepts easier and more intuitive.

Plus, these study materials also include 100s of practice problems!

🟠 Here’s what Neelesh’s students have to say:

“Tiruviluamala is known for breaking down concepts in ways that are easy to understand” –  Nash Iyer

“He was actually the best teacher I’ve ever had” – Solomon Kim

The Excel Course

Microsoft Excel is THE MOST IMPORTANT technical skill that a TOP actuarial candidate needs to know.

As a member, you’ll get access to our exclusive Excel Master Course, which teaches Excel from beginner to advanced level, and even applies everything to an actuarial context.

But just taking a course isn’t enough to impress employers!

You need to do lots of projects too, so that you can solidify your skills and talk about the projects you’ve done during interviews.

So, you’ll also get 4 actuarial Excel projects for you to practice with.

This course also teaches VBA, a programming language that can be used to automate tasks in Excel. It’s our #1 recommended programming language to learn for aspiring actuaries!

The practice projects will help you solidify your VBA skills too, so that you can add both Excel and VBA to your resume.

You can even get our Excel Ninja Certificate by completing one of the Excel Ninja Challenges that are offered a few times per year.

Start Becoming a Top Candidate Today!

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