Unlock the Path to Your Actuarial Dream Job in Just 1 Year!

Avoid the candidate camouflage trap. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Establish your career!

0% Unemployment In the Actuarial Field

You’ve probably read this stat before. It’s everywhere.

“The unemployment rate for actuaries is 0%.”

Unfortunately it’s not entirely true.

It may be true for fully-credentialed actuaries, but in the entry-level actuarial job market, it’s certainly not.

In fact, there’s quite an abundance of future actuaries trying to break into the field.

There are more job seekers than there are jobs becoming available, despite the “way above average” forecasted growth rate of the actuarial job market.

The high forecasted growth rate and the “0% unemployment rate” can make it seem like it’s going to be easy to get a job, but the numbers prove otherwise.


Only 27% of Exam P Passers Can Get a Job

With approximately 20 entry-level actuarial jobs opening up each week in the U.S. and Canada combined, there is an estimate of 1040 new jobs becoming available each year.

However, based on numbers tracked by the Society of Actuaries, we can estimate that about 3800 future actuaries are passing Exam P each year (3844 candidates passed in 2022). Exam P is typically the first exam an aspiring actuary will pass.

With only 1040 entry-level jobs opening up in a year, and 3800 new future actuaries in a year, that means that only 27% of those future actuaries will be able to get into an entry-level actuarial position.

Have You Heard of Candidate Camouflage Yet?

The abundance of entry-level job candidates means that employers have been able to set the bar high when it comes to qualifications.

— So, that means that “good” is no longer good enough —

If your qualifications are just “good” then you don’t get noticed. You blend in with all the other job candidates.

feel invisible to actuarial employers. You just blend in with all the other candidates, and actuarial employers don’t notice you the way you want

It’s a concept called “candidate camouflage” because you feel invisible to employers. You just blend in with all the other candidates, and actuarial employers don’t express interest in you, the way you wish they did. 

It makes many future actuaries feels like it’s impossible to get a job.

It makes many future actuaries feel like they want to give up even after they’ve put their whole heart into this dream career.

Oftentimes, future actuaries don’t even realize that they’re being affected by candidate camouflage.

Sometimes they’ve never even heard of it.

But the good news is that now you HAVE heard about it and you can be proactive about making sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

How to Avoid Candidate Camouflage

Most future actuaries accidentally become “tunnel vision candidates”. They focus really heavily on only a few specific qualifications that they know actuarial employers will be looking for.

It’s often education and actuarial exams that they’ll focus on most. Sometimes they’ll take a course that teaches them some technical skills, like Microsoft Excel and a programming language too.

But the truth is, this is exactly what causes you to fall into the “Candidate Camouflage Trap”.

— Everyone is focusing on the same things! —

So to differentiate yourself, and set yourself apart, you need to become a “Top Actuarial Candidate”.

For Top Actuarial Candidates, getting an actuarial job is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time.

They don’t get stuck in the candidate camouflage trap because they are different from the rest.

Tunnel Vision Candidates Vs. Top Actuarial Candidates

A 2021 study of entry-level actuarial jobs found that there are 5 primary qualifications that most actuarial employers are looking for in job candidates.

Those qualifications are shown in the chart below, indicating which % of employers preferred each qualification (data based on what employers actually asked for in their job posts).

The difference between Tunnel Vision Candidates and Top Candidates is really how they balance these 5 qualifications.

A Tunnel Vision Candidate focuses really hard on 1 or 2 of these qualifications, and tends to neglect the rest. They often struggle to find a job because employers are looking for someone that is more well-rounded.

A Top Actuarial Candidate, on the other hand, will divide their focus more evenly among all 5 qualifications AND they’ll dedicate lots of time to growing and nurturing their network.


The Importance of Growing and Nurturing Your Network

For many Top Actuarial Candidates, their way into the field is through their network.

There are new online job posts every week. They’re easy to find and to apply to, so there’s often a lot of competition for them.

With artificial intelligence often being used to filter through all the job applicants and the Human Resources department acting as the gatekeepers to all the jobs, it can be tricky to get your resume in front of an actuarial hiring manager (even for a top candidate).

Good news! Your network can act like a treasure map for you.

It can help you find job opportunities that aren’t posted publicly; the hidden ones that very few future actuaries know about.

Not only that, but it can often help you bypass the artificial intelligence and the HR gatekeepers, so that your resume gets directly into the hands of someone that can hire you.

As a Top Actuarial Candidate, your network further increases your chances of getting a job specifically at a company that YOU want to work for and that’s a HUGE plus!!

How to Become a Top Actuarial Candidate

Becoming a Top Candidate starts with the Top Candidate Method.

The Top Candidate Method is a 5-phase plan that shows you exactly what to do so that you avoid becoming a tunnel vision candidate that gets stuck in the candidate camouflage trap.

The plan gradually builds your qualifications (aside from “education”) up to the level that actuarial employers look for.

By using it, you’ll learn the quickest route to becoming a Top Actuarial Candidate, so that you can differentiate yourself from other job candidates, grow a treasure map network and get into your actuarial dream job within just 12 months.

The Top Candidate Method is what I guide you through in our signature program…


The Actuary Accelerator Community!

The Results-Based Program for Proactive Future Actuaries

Get DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP guidance on how to avoid the candidate camouflage trap and become a Top Candidate so that you get interviews and job offers.

Access tons of ACTUARIAL-BASED TECHNICAL PROJECTS that you can complete on your own and use to impress employers.

Discover how you can continuously GROW AND NURTURE YOUR NETWORK properly, so that it can help you access hidden job opportunities with less competition.

Uncover how you can TARGET SPECIFIC COMPANIES that you want to work for; the ones that align with your lifestyle, location, and career goals

Connect with 100s OF FUTURE ACTUARIES from all over the world, that can study with you, support your goals, and motivate you to keep moving forward as you navigate this journey.

Participate in CHALLENGES, GROUP EVENTS, SPECIAL TRAININGS that will enhance your qualifications and knowledge even more.

Here’s What You Get

Watch the video below to see what’s waiting for you inside the Actuary Accelerator Community once you become a member.

The Phases Breakdown

As you progress through the phases and corresponding modules below, you gradually become a TOP actuarial candidate that will impress employers.

Beginner Candidate Phase

Discover everything you need to know about the actuarial career so that you can confidently decide whether it’s a good career choice for you, or not.

1.1 Interviews with Entry-Level Actuaries

1.2 Learn About the Actuarial Career

1.3 Get Your Actuary Questions Answered

1.4 Planning Your Actuarial Journey

Rising Candidate Phase

Obtain critical skills and knowledge early on, so that you can continue to advance those skills as you proceed through the later phases.

2.1 Excel Master Course (Teaching Excel from Beginner to Advanced)

2.2 Learn a Programming Language (VBA & Python Courses Included)

2.3 Complete Actuarial Projects in Excel (6+ projects)

2.4 Communication Fundamentals for Actuaries

2.5 How to Gain Experience Actuarial Employers Value

2.6 Creating Your Resume and Cover Letter to Get Related Experience

2.7 Finding a Job that Will Give You Related Experience

Intermediate Candidate Phase

Gain specialized knowledge of the actuarial field, so that employers know you’re serious about the career and dedicated to becoming an actuary.

3.1 Actuarial Exam Study Strategy

3.1.1 Forum, Live Group Tutoring Sessions

3.2 How to Gain Real-World Technical Experience

3.3 Understanding Actuarial Terms and Concepts

Top Candidate Phase

Maximize your chances of getting an actuarial job by taking your qualifications to the highest level.

4.1 Start Your Actuarial Job Search

4.2 Amplify Your Related Experience

4.3 Time to Pass More Actuarial Exams

By the time you complete this phase, you’ll officially be a TOP Candidate! However, you can start looking for actuarial jobs before you become a top candidate if you’d like. 

Actuarial Job Search Phase

The secrets on how to prove to employers that you’d be an amazing addition to their team, so that you can get your first actuarial job as quickly as possible!

5.1 Actuarial Resume Master Course

5.2 How to Create a Simple Actuarial Cover Letter

5.3 How to Network on LinkedIn to Get Interviews

5.4 How and When to Apply for Actuarial Jobs

5.5 How to Succeed in Actuarial Interviews

The Extras!

Make your actuarial jouney more fun and feel more connected knowing that you’re not going through this alone.

E.1 Gain Access to the Exclusive Members-Only WhatsApp Networking Group

E.2 Live Actuary Q&A Sessions with Brea

E.3 Regular Community Challenges and Events to Improve Your Skills

Start Your Journey to the TOP Today!

The BIG Benefits of Becoming a Top Candidate

Stand out in a competitive job market: Employers have lots of candidates to choose from, so they often choose the top candidates because they’re the most qualified ones.

Open up more opportunities for yourself: Top candidates commonly receive multiple offers, and their skills can be used in a variety of different career paths.

Increase your starting salary: Top candidates can expect to start off with a higher salary, and may even have more negotiation power because they are more qualified than most other candidates.

Less studying before you get hired: Top candidates don’t need to pass as many exams to get hired, because they have other qualifications that will make them stand out more.  That means hundreds of hours of your time saved!

Potential for bigger raises: Raises and bonuses are often a percentage of your income.  Higher starting salary means potential for higher raises and bonuses down the road.

You Can Do This Too! Just Like Our Past Members..

“I Got a Job Within 2 Months, When I Had Been Searching For 5 Months Before That”

Dean decided that his teaching career wasn’t what he thought it would be, so he switched into the actuarial career and hasn’t looked back!

“I’m Working as an Actuarial Consultant Now, Making a Bit Over $60K Per Year!”

Emma became a top actuarial candidate in less than a year, and just recently got her first full-time job in pension consulting!

AAC Members Have Been Offered Actuarial Jobs At…

(and more..)

Here’s What Other Successful Members Have Said…

College Should Teach This (But it Doesn’t)

No matter whether or not you’re in college right now or you’ve already graduated, you know the crazy high fees that need to be paid every semester, just to remain a student and get your degree.

By the end of a 4 year degree, you’ve probably paid $50,000 or more.

And what can you say by the end of it all?

You can say you’re really good at math.

That’s great! Because math wizards like you are highly employable.

But the problem is that actuarial employers expect more. They won’t just hire someone because they’re good at math.

They want someone with the other skills and qualifications that are needed for actuarial work, specifically.

And that’s where the typical college degree lacks…

College doesn’t teach you beyond the math.

So that’s the big reason behind why the Actuary Accelerator Community exists for you today.

It exists to teach you everything else you need to know so that you can get your actuarial dream job!

And although the contents of the AAC are more valuable for your career than a $50,000+ college degree, you’ll get access to it for way less.

That’s because I know that what you learn here could be the difference between

a. You getting your actuarial dream job, or

b. You working in a career with less opportunity for growth, less financial stability, and way more stress up until the day you retire.

So, you in?

Start Becoming a Top Candidate Today!

Select the membership option that works best for you! (Our “AAC + Mentoring Bundle” has VERY limited spots.)

Our 18-Month Success Guarantee!

You have 18 full months (that’s almost 550 days!) to put the Actuary Accelerator Community resources to the test and get your first full-time actuarial job.

If you’re a member of the Actuary Accelerator Community for 18 consecutive months and don’t end up getting an actuarial job within that timeframe, then we’ll issue a FULL REFUND of all payments you’ve made toward the program. We believe in this program THAT MUCH!

All you have to do is email proof to Keiana, our RMP manager (aac@etchedactuarial.com), that you’ve completed the modules in the program, and that you’ve applied to at least 50 actuarial positions in the prior 90 days to claiming this guarantee.*

Why do we ask that you show us your work?

Because members that don’t complete all the modules will be missing important qualifications that may prevent them from getting a job.  You’ve got to put in the work!

*See terms and conditions for full details.

Check Out These Limited-Time Bonuses!

Right now, you can get access to over $700 in extra bonuses right away when you join!

What’s more? You get to keep access forever!

Exam P, FM, and IFM WhatsApp Study Groups ($599)

It’s always nice to have a group of other future actuaries that are taking the same exam as you. That way, you can get help on questions, get support, and you always know that you’re not alone.

These study groups allow you to connect with other members that are taking the same exam as you.

Student Success Guide PDF ($67)

As a student, you’re bound to have lots of questions about how to successfully pursue the actuarial career while also studying for classes. You may even have concerns about the courses you’re taking, your GPA and how to get related experience.

This guide covers all that so that you feel confident about your actuarial career path.

Career-Changer Success Guide PDF ($67)

As a career changer, you face some different challenges than those aspiring actuaries that are still in school. But that doesn’t mean that your actuarial journey has to be harder. Actually, in some ways it might be a bit easier!

Access this guide to learn how to successfully switch careers into the actuarial field even if you’re starting this journey in your 20s, 30s or 40s.

How to Get an Actuarial Internship in a Month PDF ($99)

Learn the 5-step system for finding an actuarial internship quickly, even if you’re not in school anymore.

An internship is a great way to gain experience that actuarial employers value. You’ll get tons of tips and advice on how to get one as quickly as possible, and it includes tons of extra information you’ll be thankful to have.

Ready? All it Takes is 3 Simple Steps…

Join the Actuary Accelerator Community

Get instant access to tons of resources that will help you succeed.

Follow the Step-By-Step Plan

Each step gets you closer to becoming a TOP actuarial candidate.

Get Your Actuarial Dream Job!

Enjoy the high salary and a career you love.

Who’s This For?

The Actuary Accelerator Community was designed for the following 3 types of people:

Type 1: The Exam Passer

You’ve passed 2-3 exams but still haven’t been able to find an actuarial job or internship yet.

In this case, there are 2 possibilities.

One is that you’ve been following the path of a tunnel vision candidate up to this point.  You may have been able to pass multiple exams, which is great! But now you need to start focusing time on the other qualifications that actuarial employers are looking for.

The AAC will guide you on exactly what to do in order to gain those qualifications, plus you’ll learn how to put it all in your resume so that employers understand the true value you can bring to their organization.

The alternative issue is that you’ve already worked up to becoming a top candidate, however your resume is holding you back.  Your resume can make or break your career!

If you think this may be why you haven’t been able to get an actuarial job or internship yet, then you’ll be able to use our “Job Search Resources” to create a resume that really highlights why you’re great for the job! You’ll also be able to take advantage of our networking and interview resources too.

Type 2: The Questioner

3-4 times per week, you question why an employer would hire you when they have hundreds of fresh actuarial grads at their fingertips.

When you’re constantly second-guessing your ability to actually break into the field, it can be really hard to get inspired and motivated to start this journey.

You may feel like it’s going to be too difficult, or like the competition is just too high (especially if you’re a career-changer).

There are so many students graduating from actuarial programs every year, so why would an employer ever want you?

Well, the true this, that you no longer need to be an actuarial science grad to be successful in the job market today. We’ve seen tons of career-changers from all different backgrounds, successfully make the leap.

Your prior experience is often a great way to help differentiate yourself from students. Plus, but strategically gaining other qualifications that we help you with in the AAC, you’re likely to be an even better option than most fresh, young grads.

Type 3: The Conflicted Future Actuary

You plan to work on your actuarial goals every day, but at least 3-4 times per week you don’t feel like you make meaningful progress.

When you feel conflicted about exactly how you should be best spending your time, it’s easy to lack consistent and meaningful progress day-to-day. 

You may feel like you keep flip-flopping back and forth between different tasks, never feeling 100% confident that you’re doing what you should be.  You may feel discouraged, and a sense of stagnation.

As a member of the AAC, you’ll have a step-by-step plan on the exact steps you need to be taking, so that you can use your limited time to make consistent and meaningful progress on your goal to get an actuarial job.

Plus you’ll be constantly motivated and encouraged by the community of other future actuaries that know exactly what you’re going through.  You’re never alone in this!

Meet Your AAC Success Team!

Aspiring Actuaries Supported To Date



Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) & Leader of the AAC

Brea received her Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo.  She has 6 years of experience in actuarial internships and full-time actuarial roles. Now, she helps aspiring actuaries in the US and Canada to achieve their actuarial dreams too!



RMP Manager

Keiana is an actuarial analyst working at a life insurance company in Canada and has passed exams P, FM and IFM. In her spare time, she loves going for walks, creating videos and playing the piano.



RMP Operations Specialist & Actuarial Coach

Satvir is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying Financial Math. Alongside school, she works as an underwriting analyst at Aviva. In her spare time she loves going on hikes, watching basketball, and playing with her baby cousins!



Math Forum Rep, 1-on-1 Actuarial Exam Tutor, & AAC Exam FM Live Group Tutor

Aaron has a degree in Economics/Mathematics from the University of Southern California, and is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is currently transitioning from private banking/wealth-management into the actuarial field.

Spotlight Events and Features

The Actuary Accelerator Community is filled with events and features that will help you develop the skills you need, get your questions answered, and help you achieve your goal of getting an actuarial job!

Exam P & FM Tutoring Sessions

Studying for actuarial exams can be tough! You’re bound to run into topics you don’t understand, and practice problems you can’t quite solve.

That’s OK though! By attending our LIVE Exam P and FM group tutoring sessions (over Zoom), you’ll be able to get clarification on all questions you have so that you never feel alone and stuck.

Excel Ninja Challenge

2-3 times per year, you’ll be able to participate in our 12-week Excel Ninja Challenge, where you get to learn Excel together with other AAC members, You’ll get access to brand new Excel projects so that you can practice your Excel skills and can even earn an Excel Ninja Certificate to add to your resume.

In the past, actuarial employers have loved to hear about the projects that members have completed during this challenge.  It gives them confidence that the member knows how to use Excel at the necessary level.

Entry-Level Actuarial Job Board

Want to save time? As an AAC member you’ll get access to our job board, where you’ll easily be able to find tons of entry-level actuarial jobs and internships available in the U.S. and Canada in one place! 

No need to search high and low, all over the internet for job posts.  We’ve got you covered!

Actuary Q&A Panels

When you’re a member of the AAC, you’ll be able to submit any questions you have about the actuarial career to our Actuarial Panel (including Brea!) every 6 weeks.

This is the best way to get answers to your complex and/or personal questions answered so that you know exactly how to proceed. The panel consists of Brea and several other panelists that have experience on the same journey as you’re going through.  You’ll never feel like you’re alone again!

Presentation Hours

One of the most important skills in getting an actuarial job is your ability to communicate.  During each presentation hour, you’ll have the opportunity to do a presentation for other members!

This is a great way to build confidence, and gain valuable experience doing presentations, which is something that actuarial employers will love!

Have Questions?

Well, we’ve got answers! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Actuary Accelerator Community.

Is there support available if I get stuck or have questions?

Absolutely! This is a community and your actuarial support system!

If you run into problems or have questions, you’ll always be able to contact us via email, or you can ask in the members-only WhatsApp group.

Plus, Brea hosts regular Q&A sessions for members, where you can ask any questions.  And Keiana hosts a monthly onboarding session where you can ask questions and learn all about every single resource you get access to as a member.

Can this help me get an actuarial internship?

You already know that an actuarial internship isn’t required in order to get an actuarial job, but many of our members still get one!

It’s a great way to solidify your skills even more.

If getting an internship is your goal, then Phase 2, 3 of the AAC plan will be particularly beneficial for you, as that’s where you’ll learn the skills and qualifications that internship employers are typically looking for.

In Phase 5, you’ll also learn how to market yourself to those employers, so that you have the best chance of getting an actuarial internship.

Since internships are so competitive, going through all three of those phases will help you stand out amongst the all the other applicants!

When is the best time to join?

If you..

a. Are currently trying to decide if the actuarial career is right for you, or
b. Have already started taking steps toward becoming an actuary but haven’t got a job yet

then now is the best time to join.

No matter which phase of your actuarial journey you’re in, there are other members inside waiting for you!

It’s OK to join even if..

    • You’re not 100% sure if the actuarial career path is a good fit for you
    • You haven’t had an internship yet
    • You haven’t passed any exams yet
    • You still need to learn technical skills
    • You’re not sure what you should do to be successful

We will help you with all of that in the AAC!

Do I need to pass some actuarial exams before I join the AAC?

No, you don’t need to!

Many other community members are in the very early stages of their actuarial journey, and haven’t yet started to study for their exams either.

They’ll be happy to have you come along with them on this journey!

The AAC has tons of resources to help you pass your first 2 exams (when the time is right), including

  • Study material (for Exam P/1 only right now; Exam FM/2 coming soon)
  • A study strategy plan
  • A Q&A forum to get your questions answered
  • Study groups!
Is this too advanced for me right now? Am I getting myself in too deep?

It can be scary to finally take the plunge and jump into a program that is specifically designed to help you get an actuarial job.

Do you know why it’s scary?

It’s probably because joining the AAC means that you’re deciding to commit. You’re deciding to believe in yourself, and go for your dreams, even though others around you may tell you it’s too hard, or that you can’t do it.

Well, not only are you going to be surrounded by a motivating group of other members that have the same positive mindset about the actuarial career as you, but you’ll also have a step-by-step plan to help you achieve this goal as quickly as possible. With that, you’ll be able to prove all the nay-sayers wrong!

Plus, there is no contract or long-term commitment and you can cancel any time with a few clicks. That way, you have complete control over how long you remain a member.

What makes other members so successful? What % of people actually get jobs?

Our most successful members have one thing in common: They’ve done the work!

They were willing to spend the necessary time on this goal. They were willing to invest in themselves and their future. They were willing to keep going even when things got tough.

And most importantly, they actually started! (Which, by the way, is something that most people interested in the actuarial field will never do.)

All of that above is what sets our most successful members apart from the average aspiring actuary.

Remember, if you become a top actuarial candidate, it’s inevitable that you’ll be able to get an actuarial job, because you’ll be so well qualified that most employers won’t be willing to turn you away.

Why would they? You have all the skills they’re looking for (and more, usually).

And get this: No one has ever told us that they’ve done all the steps in the AAC and weren’t able to get a job. And no one has ever claimed our 18-Month Success Guarantee. What’s that say about success rate?!

Should I join if I am studying for an exam (and already have study materials)?

The study materials that you already have are compatible with the Exclusive AAC Actuarial Exam Study Strategy you’ll learn in the AAC.

You’ll also get access to our Exam P/1 Video Study Materials and practice questions, that you can use as a primary or secondary study resource. (Exam FM/2 materials coming soon.)

On another note, most other actuarial study materials that are available outside of the AAC leave you on your own to prepare for the exam. In the AAC, you’ll get additional support like:

    • A Whatsapp study group of other members taking the same exam as you (see Bonus # 1)
    • A Q&A forum, where you can get all your questions answered within 24 hours.
    • Access to our Exclusive AAC Actuarial Exam Study Strategy Course that helps you save time and teaches you the study strategy that 100s of exam candidates have used to successfully prepare for their exam.
    • Exam P Video Study Material, plus tons of practice questions to help you fully prepare for your exam

When you join, you can finish studying for your exam using the resources above, and afterwards you can start following the recommended steps in the AAC.

Are there any exceptions that this won’t work for?

We’ve said multiple times that “if you become a top actuarial candidate, it’s inevitable that you’ll get an actuarial job.. It’s just a matter of time”.

We 100% believe that, and have never come across a case where that wasn’t true.

However, there may be some scenarios where getting an actuarial job may not be as straight-forward, even if you are a top candidate. Here they are:

    • You are only interested in working as an actuary in a country that you are not a citizen of or are not able to work in without sponsorship.
    • You have a criminal record.
    • You are not willing to improve and practice your interviewing skills (if interviewing makes you extremely nervous).

If you meet any of the above conditions, then it doesn’t mean that getting an actuarial job is impossible. There may just be some extra hurdles that you have to overcome.

As long as just 1 employer gives you the chance to prove yourself, that’s all you need!

How long is this going to take? (total months, hours per day/week)

The AAC is designed with a go-at-your-own-pace structure. That means that the more time you’re able to dedicate to your actuarial goals, the quicker you’ll get results.

However, many of our members are in school, or working full-time, so they can only dedicate a small amount of time to their goals each day. Some days they can’t work on their goals at all.

That’s OK!

The end goal (aka to get an actuarial job) is the same for everyone; how quickly you get there is irrelevant.

Employers don’t take into consideration how quickly you became qualified for the job.

And, as you probably already know, becoming an actuary isn’t a quick process, but rest assured that the approach you’ll learn in the AAC is the quickest and most efficient way to get an actuarial job.

Note: As part of the strategy for becoming a top actuarial candidate, we do recommend that you take on some paid projects or a corporate position. That can help you earn the income you may need for your personal living expenses while you pursue this goal.

What expenses should I prepare for in addition to the AAC investment?

The Actuarial Accelerator Plan is designed to have you making money in a related field and getting relevant experience within your first 90 days (usually sooner).

That provides a good income for you, while you work on the other steps required to become a top actuarial candidate.

As a member, almost everything is included so there aren’t many extra costs to take into consideration.

We do recommend that members pass Exam P, FM, and sometimes IFM too.

Current fees to take those exams are $250, $250, and $350 ($300 for students) respectively, per attempt.

At this time, Exam FM and IFM study materials are not included, so you may need to be invest in those at a later date.

Are there any prerequisites for this?

The AAC is designed to help aspiring actuaries at any level, to become top actuarial candidates!

You’ll get all the support you need inside, so no prerequisits are required.

Note that actuarial employers will require that you have a bachelors degree (any major is OK) before you start working full-time.  You can complete the AAC phases while you are still a student.

Is this designed for undergrads, recent grads or career changers?

You can become a top actuarial candidate and get an actuarial job even if:

    • You’re currently in school pursuing your bachelors degree
    • You’re currently pursuing a masters degree
    • You’ve recently graduated from college
    • You’ve decided that you want to change careers and become an actuary.

The AAC has helped members in all 4 of the above situations.

And here’s some good news for you:

  • It doesn’t matter what your GPA is (or was)
  • It doesn’t matter was your major is (or was)
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a masters degree or not

In terms of schooling, actuarial employers in the US and Canada want to see that you have (or are in the process of getting) a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree isn’t necessary!

What is the guarantee/refund policy?

New members have 18 full months to put the Actuary Accelerator Community resources to the test and get their first full-time actuarial job.

That means that if you’re a member of the Actuary Accelerator Community for 18 consecutive months and don’t end up getting an actuarial job within that timeframe, then we’ll issue a FULL REFUND of all payments you’ve made toward the program. We believe in this program THAT MUCH!

All you have to do is email proof to Andrew, our AAC manager (aac@etchedactuarial.com), that you’ve completed the modules in the program, and that you’ve applied to at least 50 actuarial positions in the prior 90 days to claiming this guarantee.*

Why do we ask that you show us your work?

Because members that don’t complete all the modules will be missing important qualifications that may prevent them from getting a job.  You’ve got to put in the work!

*See terms and conditions for full details.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can email us at support@etchedactuarial.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

OK, Let’s Recap!

When you join the Actuary Accelerator Community, you’ll get instant access to everything you need to become a top actuarial candidate and to get your first job.

Actuarial Career Plan with step-by-step modules to help you get your first actuarial job as quickly as possible (without an internship).

Access the Members-Only WhatsApp Group to network and get insight and motivation from other members ahead of you.

6 Actuarial Excel Practice Projects, plus a full in-depth course to take you from beginner, to Excel Pro

Regular Actuary Q&A Sessions with Brea so you can get all your questions answered

Career-Changer and Student Success Guides so that you feel completely confident no matter what stage of life you’re in

Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing and Networking Courses so you know how to market yourself once you become a top candidate

18-Month Success Guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to you that this doesn’t work out

And so much more!

Everything you get access to is more valuable that a college degree! And you can get it all for just $99/month!

Are You Going to Invest in Your Future?

Now you have to make one of two choices… Either:

a. Take the longer, less definitive approach to getting an actuarial job, hoping that you’ll get it right on your own

b. Invest in your future as an actuary and have the confidence that you will succeed

Of course, neither option is right or wrong.  It’s all about how you want to approach this goal of getting an actuarial job.

For most future actuaries that are really serious about this and want to achieve their goal as soon as possible, the choice is obvious.. get all the help you can!

But for others, that are just dabbling in the field and not set on it yet, the choice can be a bit more difficult.

So no matter where you stand on that spectrum, you still have to make the choice.

Because every day that goes by, where you continue to contemplate whether you’re going to go for it or not, is another day where you’re not working towards your future!

So, are you going to go all in? Or are you going to keep waiting?

Start Becoming a Top Candidate Today!

Select the membership option that works best for you! (Our “AAC + Mentoring Bundle” has VERY limited spots.)