Become the TOP Actuarial Candidate that Insurance Companies Want to Hire Right Now!

➨ Want to know how to transform yourself into a top actuarial candidate so you have lots of job opportunities later (even in a competitive job market)?

➨ Want to immerse yourself in the actuarial world early-on, so you can confidently share your expertise during interviews and so you know what to expect when you start working?

➨ Want to “geek out” about actuary stuff with friends all over the world, and be able to ask a mentor for advice anytime for your specific situation?

now you can!

Becoming an actuary isn’t going to be easy, but it’s a rewarding journey that you’ll remember forever.

And by the end, you’ll have a well respected and financially stable career that has lots of opportunity for advancement. You’ll be able to support your family while doing work you truly enjoy!

Imagine being able to spend your entire day solving business problems, calculating risk, and applying your math skills to real-life situations.

(Oh, and making $100,000+ doing it sounds nice too, I’m sure!)

You can make this happen!  Even if you’re starting a bit late or you have little to no experience.

Introducing the Actuary Accelerator Community!

The Actuary Accelerator Community (AAC) is the best way to build yourself up into the top actuarial candidate that insurance companies want to hire.

There’s no better place to be if you’re serious about starting an actuarial career that you love and enjoy, as quickly as possible.

You get all the trainings you need to succeed, a mentor to answer all your questions, and a community of friends that really “get you” and understand the struggles you’re going through (or will go through).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

It get’s better!

Long-term membership in an actuarial community, like this, proves to employers that you’re 100% committed to the actuarial career. That’ll help increase your chances of getting a job even more!

Your AAC membership includes:

✓ A step-by-step, module based plan so that you know exactly what you should be prioritizing at each stage of your actuarial journey. That means you don’t waste time on things that won’t make you a better candidate.

✓ Videos and lessons that teach you skills and strategy that will help you get your first job sooner and pass exams quicker. That way you can start making money earlier (and you’ll get those exam bonuses and raises that companies usually give when you pass.)

✓ A mentor (Brea) with 5+ years in the actuarial field so that you can ask any questions you have and you’ll get a reliable, trustworthy answer that’s specific to your situation.  That means you don’t have to rely on random “internet strangers” to get answers to all your personal questions.

✓ Live group coaching calls with Brea each month so that you have clarity on what you should do next; live group challenges so that you can have fun implementing everything you learn; interviews with actuaries, underwriters, and data analysts uploaded regularly to give you insider tips on how to succeed in the actuarial field. 

✓ You’ll be giving yourself the best possible opportunity to fulfill on your dream of becoming an actuary, using your passion for math on a daily basis, and still providing for your family in the way you want to be able to financially. Having support in the process will make it happen as quickly as possible!

✓ You’ll gradually transition into a top actuarial candidate, and that means you’ll cut months (or even years) off your job search.

Imagine Having an ASA as Your Mentor!

Your career is important to you.  So, you’ll want a mentor that has already achieved the career goals you want to achieve and one that has helped others do it too!

I’m Brea, an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.  And I’ve been through the exact journey you’re going through now.

I learned about the actuarial career and immediately knew it was a perfect fit for me.

It was a professional, math-centered career where I would be challenged and also have lots of the opportunity to advance.  For me, it was just a bonus that it was a well-respected career that paid extremely well.

But the journey to get there was not easy at all.  There were times I considered giving up.  If I had, I would have been giving up on a dream that had for years.  And, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do instead.

So, that’s why I created this Actuary Accelerator Community.  It’s to give you the resources, mentorship, and roadmap that I never had, so that you have the best chance of getting an actuarial job and using your passion for math for good in this world.

Proof it Works: Math Tutor to Actuarial Intern

Aaron graduated with a B.S. degree in mathematics and economics, then spent years building up his own online tutoring business.

But eventually decided he wanted to do something different.  He wanted to become an actuary.

So, he took action!  He followed the exact method you’ll learn in the Accelerator Community and built himself up to be a top actuarial candidate.

Not long after, he started applying for jobs.  He got an interview and aced it.  Then, almost immediately, he was offered an internship at a pet insurance company that he loves!

Proof it Works: Air Force Veteran to Actuarial Assistant

Michael was just like many aspiring actuaries; pondering the actuarial career, learning about it, but not entirely ready to commit.

He had a management position that he was comfortable in and he was making an impact!

But he wanted more.  He wanted a career that he actually enjoyed. So, he decided to give the actuarial career a try.

In a very short time frame, Michael passed two actuarial exams, back-to-back, using the study strategy you’ll learn in the AAC.

Then, he created a strong resume (using the method in the AAC) that made him really stand out.

After sending out just 55 applications, he got a job offer! He’s now working in an actuarial assistant position in a life insurance company.  Inspiring, isn’t it?

How it Works and What to Expect

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to the Actuary Accelerator Community members’ area.

That’s where you’ll find the full Actuary Accelerator Plan that shows you how to become a top candidate for actuarial jobs.

The plan has 5 phases and each phase consists of 3-4 different modules.  So, all-in-all, after completing about 15 modules in total, you’ll be one of the best candidates out there.

In the members area, you’ll also learn how to connect with Brea and over 200+ other AAC members in our members-only WhatsApp group chat! We’re ready to support you, motivate you, and help you get your first actuarial job as quickly as possible. 🙂

Everything that you get access to in the AAC is easily worth more than $1500 (especially since you can ask Brea actuarial career questions 24/7).

But that’s more than most aspiring actuaries are able to pay all at once.

So, I’ve made it more affordable for you by offering monthly payments of just $39/month (and you can cancel anytime).

Many people in the AAC use what they learn to start earning hundreds or thousands of dollars per month (before they even get an actuarial job), so the monthly fee essentially pays for itself. 

3-Day “Love It or Leave It” Guarantee

You’re going to absolutely love the AAC.  It’ll finally give you the guidance and mentorship that you may feel like you’ve been lacking up to this point.

But, just in case you don’t, you get our 3-Day “Love it or Leave It” Guarantee.

That means that if, for any reason, you decide to cancel your membership in the AAC within 3 days of starting, we’ll refund 100% of your payment made.

Time to Join the Community!

Now you’ve learned everything about the AAC.  It’s exactly what will help you rise above the competition and get noticed by actuarial employers.

So, are you ready to jump into the community?

Just click the big pink button below to start accelerating your success in the actuarial field!

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