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Want to get an actuarial job or internship soon?

Pass an actuarial exam to prove you’re a great candidate!


74% of entry-level actuarial jobs and internships require that you’ve passed 1 or more actuarial exams.

Passing Your First Actuarial Exam is Tough

Passing your first actuarial exam is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do.

Why? Because..

You need to dedicate 100+ hours to study for it
Only about 50% of exam takers pass the exam
 The math is extremely difficult
Its completely different than any exam you’ve ever studied for before

These are all reasons why failing the first exam is so common.

It’s why some people decide to give up on the actuarial career even though they know it would be the perfect career for them.

Most of the time, people that fail their first an actuarial exam think it’s because they’re not smart enough.  They think they can’t do it.

But the truth is, they can pass.  They are smart enough. They’re just missing one important (very important) thing… 

A “M.A.P. Study Strategy”.

A MAP study strategy is the absolute best way to prepare for an actuarial exam.

It’ll skyrocket your chances of passing the exam! And reduce the amount of time it takes to do so.

What is a M.A.P. study strategy?

Well, it’s a strategy designed specifically for the long-term studying that a future actuary has to commit to when preparing for an actuarial exam.

(FYI: Studying for an actuarial exam typically takes 4-6 months)

These types of study strategies have 3 essential pieces that work together to create an almost fail-proof exam-passing system.




Without all 3 pieces in place, you risk having to take the exam again and spend 100+ EXTRA hours re-studying the same material.

Let’s Look At Each Piece Closer…

Study materials will teach you all the math concepts you’ll need to pass your first exam.

The math you learned in a course or a textbook usually isn’t enough to pass an exam.

Without study materials, preparing for an actuarial exam is almost impossible because you won’t know what to study or what types of questions to expect on the exam.

Studying for an actuarial exam usually takes 4-6 months! For most people, it’s hard to stay consistent and stick to study plan for that long.

(I mean, think about your New Year’s Resolution last year.. did you stick to it?)

That’s why having Brea tracking your progress and holding you accountable is so beneficial for actuarial exams.  We find that exam studiers without accountability are far more likely to fall behind on their study plan and unfortunately, it often leads to failing too.

Actuarial exams are different from any other exam you’ve taken in your life.  They’re likely harder too!

A study plan gives you studying tasks to complete each day so that you have confidence you’ll have everything done by exam day.

Without a personalized study strategy designed specifically for an actuarial exam, you may end up spending 100s of hours on an studying approach that just doesn’t work.

All 3 Pieces Work Together!

You see how all 3 pieces work together?

You need study materials to know WHAT to study.

You need a study plan to know WHEN and HOW to study.

You need accountability to study consistently for 4-6 months, even while you’re busy with other obligations too.

When all 3 pieces work together, there is very little room for error. Passing your exam is almost a guarantee because you’ve got all your bases covered!

So now you may be saying “yeah, the M.A.P. study strategy does sound like the way to go. But how do I get one for myself?

Well, that’s where the Study Strategy Program comes in!

 That’s Right.. The Study Strategy Program is BACK!

The Study Strategy Program is BACK by popular demand, but only for a limited time!

And you can be a part of it.. if you act quickly, that is.

That means you can work with Brea for the next 6 months, to get a completely personalized M.A.P. study strategy planned out and implemented for you, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.  (Huge time saver!)

Because this program is so personalized, there are only TWO SPOTS available. Apply now if you’re interested!

Here’s What You Get In The Study Strategy Program!


During your onboarding call with Brea, she will help you decide which type of study materials are best for you, and then you’ll personally receive those exact materials (included as part of the program).  You do not need to purchase any additional study materials.

That means you’ll get one of the following study materials; ACTEX, ASM, TIA, or COACHING ACTUARIES, (valued at $240-$500 depending on which one is recommended for you).


Your study plan will be completely personalized for you by Brea.

It will start with you meeting 1-on-1 with Brea during your onboarding call to discuss your specific scenario and how to best study for your exam.  Together, you’ll discuss the amount of time you have, the materials you’re using, and then, she’ll create a personalized study plan just for you.

This way, you’re always spending your study time in the best way. You study plan will be monitored closely by Brea and changed when necessary depending on your performance.


You’ll get an initial onboarding call with Brea.  Then, for the next 6 months (or until you pass your exam), Brea will check on your studying progress (through our progress tracking system) every week to ensure that you’re held accountable and making good progress.

That way you’ll always have someone pushing you to stay consistent in achieving your biggest goal!


You’ll get a 15-minute coaching call with Brea every month! This is your chance to ask questions about your studying, and any other questions you may have about the career or your actuarial journey.

It’s like having your own personal actuarial mentor with you on this journey.  You’re never alone!


You’ll get to participate in our bi-weekly group tutoring sessions, where you can personally ask our math tutors any questions you have about the math concepts you’re studying.

You can also ask questions in the Q&A forum to get a quick response within 24 hours on weekdays.

With 2 convenient ways to get your math questions answered, you’ll never be left feeling stuck on the math.  It’s an amazing perk, especially for those that haven’t taken any math classes in a while.


If you stay on track with the study plan that is created for you, then you should pass your exam within 6 months!

If, by chance, you end up failing the exam on your first attempt, we will pay your exam registration fee ($250) for your second attempt! 

The Pass Guarantee gives you confidence that we’re just as committed to you passing as you are, and you can feel at ease knowing you won’t have to pay the exam registration fee again if you do need to take your exam a 2nd time.

What’s Your Investment?

The decision to invest in yourself, your career and the Study Strategy Program really comes down to 2 questions that you need to ask yourself:

Are you confident that you can pass your exam on your own?

Are you OK with NOT doing everything you can to pass? (Consider the value of your time, and whether you’d regret not joining if you end up failing on your own)

If you answered “no” to one or both of those questions, then the decision whether to join the Study Strategy Program will be easy.

To join the program, you’ll make an investment of $2,999.  Application is required.

That includes

Your exam registration fee (as a special February bonus!)

Your study materials

Your personalized study plan, adjusted by Brea depending on performance

Brea checking in on your progress for accountability

Actuarial mentoring meetings with Brea

Access to group tutoring sessions and Q&A forum

A $250 pass guarantee

There are only 2 spots available for this program.

So if it’s something you want to get into, make sure to apply right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which actuarial exams does the Study Strategy Program help with?

We are able to help you with actuarial Exam P/1 or Exam FM/2.  If you don’t know which exam you want to take first, Brea can help you figure that out.

The program will assist you until you pass your exam, or a maximum of 6 months (whichever is shorter).

When will I start studying?

You must start your studying within 6 months of purchasing this program.

There will not be a refund given if the program isn’t started within 6 months of purchase.  There will not be a refund given for partial usage of the program.

How long does the Study Strategy Program last?

You must start your studying within 6 months of purchasing this program.

There will not be a refund given if the program isn’t started within 6 months of purchase.  There will not be a refund given for partial usage of the program.

How much is this program?

Details about the pricing of this program can be found here.

Is the Study Strategy Program good for someone new to the actuarial career?

The program is designed to help future actuaries that are new to the actuarial career, and are seeking support to prepare for their first exam.  You’ll get access to Brea to guide you through this milestone event in your career!

How much time do I need to dedicate?

When your personal study plan is created, we will take into consideration how much time you have available.

At a minimum, 10 hours a week is recommended in order to pass your exam within 6 months.

Are study materials included?

Yes, they are! When you have your onboarding call with Brea, she will help you decide which style of study materials would work best for your learning style.

Then, depending on the style chosen, you’ll receive personal access to brand-name study materials, such as TIA, Coaching Actuaries, ACTEX or ASM.

This cost is included in the program so you do not need to pay extra for study materials.

Do I need to pay the exam registration fee?

There is a $250 fee charged by the Society of Actuaries to take Exam P/1 or Exam FM/2.  If you sign up this month ONLY (February 2023), we will cover that fee!

If you do not pass your exam on your first attempt while working with us, then we will reimburse you for your $250 fee to retake the exam too. That’s our Pass Guarantee!

This reimbursment will only be made if Brea gives you the go-ahead to schedule your exam (depending on performance) and you don’t end up passing the exam.

If you have any other questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer them.  Just ask your question here and I’ll get back to you soon via email.