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How I'm Helping Pre-ASAs

Pre-ASAs, I’m so glad you’ve find Etched Actuarial!

I’ve been in your position before.

I’ve been through school, studied hard, failed exams, searched for a job… and I know the roller coaster ride it can be.  

Sometimes you feel great!  Other times, you have no idea what you’re doing wrong.  

Sometimes you wish you just had someone that you could ask for advice. Someone that has been in your shoes.  Someone that knows what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do to move forward QUICKLY.  

In your journey to ASA, you’ll undoubtedly experience the same ups and downs that I did.  But unlike myself, you won’t have to waste years trying to figure out the path to ASA, because you have myself and the Next Step Community to show you the right way to do it… the FIRST time.

At Etched Actuarial, we have a clear and straight forward path for you to follow, no matter what stage of your ASA journey you’re in right now.  


How I'm Helping ASAs

ASAs (soon to be FSAs), I’m so glad you’ve find Etched Actuarial!

I know the fellowship level exams can be overwhelming.  I’m still writing them myself.

As I’ve been studying for fellowship exams, I’ve been finding that there are things I’d like that aren’t available from other study material providers.  I want to bring those things to you.  I want to lessen the time and energy that you need to spend on studying.  After all, I’m sure you have other things you’d rather be doing!

Is there something you’d like?…Something I haven’t thought of that would help you succeed at passing your fellowship exam? Let me know here! I’m always looking for unique ways to help you.


My Credentials

Brea-Nicole Fried, ASA

Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science (Finance Option) and Stats Minor from The University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Writing the Life & Annuities FSA track, Life Pricing Exam passed, 2 modules

Employed as an actuarial associate 3+ years in S&R and Group valuation