Jake’s Exam P Journey – A Pass on the 4th Attempt!


Here’s my Exam P story…

I had recently changed my major to statistics, and decided to take an actuarial science course. I loved it, and signed up for Exam P in March of 2016. I told myself that I had a few courses on the subject, so I only really studied hard for about two weeks.

The exam day rolled around, and I had realized that three courses and two weeks of studying was not enough. I flat out failed. I was devastated, but realized it was all my fault. I needed more time to study.


After taking some time off from studying, I decided I wanted to put my mind to it again. I signed up for it again for March of 2017.

I also purchased TIA, a great study tool that helped me learn more about the Exam P material, had helpful problems and solutions, and practice exams. My exam date rolled around again, I felt more confident than last time, and thought this time could be it.

About an hour in, my calculator stopped working… I had a little less than two hours left and more than half of the problems to do. I tried to do what I could, but it was not enough. I had failed again.

I did not know if I would have passed, but I would have liked to see how close I was. I told myself, one more attempt, and that is it. I had to see if I could do it, but if I did not pass on my third attempt, what would be the point? So, I signed up again for Exam P in May of 2017.


I had gone through TIA again, done more problems, and signed up for ADAPT as well. I felt confident! I was ready this time, or so I thought.

As I was sitting in the exam, for my third time, bringing two calculators this time (for safety measures), I was thinking to myself about how easy this was compared to all the practice exams I had done. I was feeling good about it.

I finished up, and go the preliminary results, “Unfortunately…” I had failed again, what a defeating result. I was giving up. I guess becoming an actuary was not meant for me.

I kept thinking how close I was, I was almost there. (Later I found out my score was a 5) I talked to my girlfriend, my friends, and family, telling them the terrible news. I was ready to give up, but something in me wanted to try one more time. I was ready to do whatever it took this time though.


After surfing the web, I had discovered the website Etched Actuarial. The website had a Study Strategy Program.

My goal was to pass the exam, and although I had a great support system from everyone, I needed the accountability from someone who had gone through what I was going through.

Brea had set up a month’s worth of study schedule, and certain dates that I took practice exams, just studied, or had a short day, along with dates that I would check in with her on my progress.

It was really organized, and kept me to my schedule.

Before I would just study when I felt like it and did not always have a goal of what I wanted to accomplish. Brea had it planned out for me, so I knew what I had to do. As I was going through the schedule, I was building confidence and each time I had struggles, I was suggested to focus on those struggles by Brea. Instead of me procrastinating and wanting to move on from my failed practice exams, I wanted to learn from my mistakes more than ever.

As my exam date came, I was feeling more ready than I had before. I went in, feeling like I could not do much more than I already had and I was ready to be done with Exam P.

After countless hours of studying, practice problems, and practice exams, along with about twelve hours of exam sitting, it was over. I had gotten the long awaited “Congratulations” on the screen. Exam P was behind me.

If you are studying for Exam P or any exam, I would suggest that you sign up with Brea, even though you think you might have all you need, she is the extra push that will make you go from the doubt you may have to being confident that you will pass. I passed Exam P and I cannot wait to start studying for Exam FM with Etched Actuarial!

Jake Reeves

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