Etched Actuarial Meme Submission Contest – Official Rules

How to Enter

Submit a meme on the topic of “Becoming an Actuary” to @etchedactuarial  via direct message on Instagram from Oct 18 to Oct 21, 2022. Submissions must be input prior to the contest close date on Oct 21, 2022 at 11:59pm ET. Please note the following:
– A meme (image) must be included in the direct message to be entered in the contest
– The entrant must confirm that the meme is intended as a submission for the contest to be featured
– Submitting does not guarantee that you will be featured on the @etchedactuarial Instagram account. Images to be featured will be chosen at the Etched Actuarial team’s discretion. Reasons for rejection may include but are not limited to: Image submission containing distressing imagery, excessive profanity, political or religious beliefs, or violence. Any image that does not meet the Instagram Community Guidelines will be automatically disqualified. 
– If your submission is rejected for any reason, you will be informed by the Etched Actuarial team and your submission will not count as one of your 3 maximum submissions.
– By submitting to the contest, you are consenting to have your meme publicly displayed on our social media at the Etched Actuarial team’s discretion. Credit will be given in the form of your Instagram handle unless otherwise requested by the entrant.
– Each successful submission will count for one entry into the contest, up to 3 submissions per applicant (multiple submissions will increase your chances of winning, up to the maximum of 3).

How a Winner Will Be Selected

  1. Successful entrants in the contest will have their meme featured on the @etchedactuarial Instagram page. 
  2. On October 24, the number of likes each featured submission received from Oct 18 to Oct 24 on the @etchedactuarial Instagram page will be counted.
  3. If an entrant had multiple successful submissions, the likes on their submissions will be added together to create their final total. 
  4. The entrant with the most likes as of Oct 24 will win the contest.
  5. The winner will be contacted via Instagram DM and publicly announced on the @etchedactuarial Instagram page on Oct 24.
  6. The winner will be required to answer the skill testing question: (6*6)-3=?
  7. If the winner does not get the skill testing question correct, then no prize will be rewarded.

The Prize

  1. The winner will receive three free months of membership into the Actuary Accelerator Community. (As long as they get the skill testing question correct).
  2. Information about how to join the Actuary Accelerator Community and access the three free months will be provided within 3 business days.

Other Important Inclusions

  1. Entries that don’t comply with Instagram Community Guidelines will be disqualified.
  2. Instagram is not a sponsor of this contest and thus it is required that participants and followers release Instagram from any liability related to this contest.