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Actuary Accelerator Community 18-Month Success Guarantee Refund Terms and Conditions

Etched Actuarial offer​s​ an 18-month ​Success Guarantee ​Refund ​to​​ ​Actuary Accelerator Community members.  The Success Guarantee ​goes into effect beginning on the first date of payment toward the Actuary Accelerator Community.

The Actuary Accelerator Community 18-Month Success Guarantee Refund Policy is available to be claimed by any Actuary Accelerator Community member that meets all of the following criteria (hereby considered “the claimee”);

1. The claimee submits an email to stating that he/she would like to claim the Actuary Accelerator Community 18-Month Success Guarantee Refund.
2. The claimee joined the ​Actuary Accelerator Community on or after ​Sept 24, 202​1, making monthly payments of at least $79 USD or quarterly payments of at least $158 USD.​
3​. ​The claimee c​ontinuously remained a​n Actuary Accelerator Community ​member in good standing for at least 18 consecutive months and up until claim date (the date on which the claimee sent the email stated in criteria #1) .​ ​In order to be considered “in good standing” during a given timeframe, the claimee must have made​ ongoing, full​, regular, ​monthly​ or quarterly​ payments​ toward his/her Actuary Accelerator Community membership during the given timeframe​​.​ If the claimee’s Actuary Accelerator Community membership was ever cancelled due to failed payments within the 18 months prior to claiming the Success Guarantee Refund, then this condition will NOT be met and the Success Guarantee Refund cannot be given.​​

4. ​The claimee has proven that ​he/she ​has completed all modules within the AAC by providing the documentation requested​ by an Etched Actuarial team member​ at ​the time of claiming.​​​​

5​. ​The claimee can provide proof that he/she has applied to at least 50 actuarial positions (while a qualified candidate) in the 60 day period beginning 90 days prior to claiming.​ For example, if the claimee claims the Success Guarantee Refund on March 31, the claimee would have had to apply to at least 50 actuarial positions in the timeframe from January 1st to Feb 28th​ in order to meet this criteria.

6. The claimee did not get offered an actuarial role in the timeframe from making the first payment toward his/her Actuary Accelerator Community membership and the date of claiming the Success Guarantee Refund. An actuarial role is considered to be any position with “actuarial” or “actuary” in the title.

​A “claim period” is considered to be the period from which the claimee began making regular, full, ongoing payments without cancellation of the Actuary Accelerator Community membership, up to the claim date; the date on which the email in criteria #1 was sent.

Upon meeting the above conditions, a full refund​ of all payments made toward the Actuary Accelerator Community within the claim period will be refunded, and Actuary Accelerator Community membership will be cancelled.

The Success Guarantee Refund can only be claimed once by any individual.

Etched Actuarial has the right to change the terms and conditions ​for the Success Guarantee Refund ​at any time.

The terms and conditions that apply for any ​Success Guarantee​ Refund​ are those that are​ stated on this page at the time of the ​Success ​Guarantee​ Refund​ being claimed by the ​claimee.

Overview of all changes and change dates will be stated below.
– Initial Actuary Accelerator Community Success Guarantee Refund terms and conditions became effective Sept 24, 202​1.