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Exam P Study Materials

As a member, you’ll get access to our exclusive Exam P Video Lessons that will teach you all the concepts you need to know for the exam.

The lessons are taught by Neelesh Tiruviluamala, a professor at the University of Southern California that has taught these concepts for years in a university setting!

Neel has tons of amazing reviews from his students too.  He’s absolutely one of the best math professors out there!

In the lessons, he uses tons of examples, because we believe that learning through examples makes learning these concepts easier and more intuitive.

Plus, these study materials also include 100s of practice problems!

🟠 Here’s what Neelesh’s students have to say:

“Tiruviluamala is known for breaking down concepts in ways that are easy to understand” –  Nash Iyer

“He was actually the best teacher I’ve ever had” – Solomon Kim

The Excel Course

Microsoft Excel is THE MOST IMPORTANT technical skill that a TOP actuarial candidate needs to know.

As a member, you’ll get access to our exclusive Excel Master Course, which teaches Excel from beginner to advanced level, and even applies everything to an actuarial context.

But just taking a course isn’t enough to impress employers!

You need to do lots of projects too, so that you can solidify your skills and talk about the projects you’ve done during interviews.

So, you’ll also get 6 actuarial Excel projects for you to practice with.

This course also teaches VBA, a programming language that can be used to automate tasks in Excel. It’s our #1 recommended programming language to learn for aspiring actuaries!

The practice projects will help you solidify your VBA skills too, so that you can add both Excel and VBA to your resume.

You can even get our Excel Ninja Certificate by completing one of the Excel Ninja Challenges that are offered a few times per year.