Demystifying the Actuarial Career Path:
Key Steps to Launch Your Career!

For students and career-changers that want to stand out in today’s competitive actuarial job market!

LIVE with Brea Fried, Associate of the Society of Actuaries | Tuesday, June 27th 9pm ET

Are any of these TRUE for you?

You’ve passed 2-3 exams, but you still can’t find an actuarial job or internship. You’re getting frustrated and feeling less and less motivated to work on your actuarial goals.

You have no idea why an employer would hire you instead of a fresh new grad. You’re doubting if you can stand out from the competition.

You have limited time to achieve your goals, and feel like you’re not making meaningful progress. You only have 1-2 hours per day to work on your actuarial goals, and you aren’t sure if you’re using them effectively.

If you said “YES” to any ONE of these, then this training is designed specifically to help you!