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Have you ever wished someone would just tell you exactly what you need to do to become an actuary?

… Someone to mentor you at each step; guide you at every obstacle; and help you through your unique problems too?

That way you wouldn’t have to risk wasting tons of time and money, just to end up without an actuarial job anyway.

You wouldn’t have to rely on good luck and perfect timing either.

Instead, you could just ask “what’s next?” and your mentor would tell you exactly what to do to make sure you have the absolute BEST chance of getting the actuarial dream-job you’ve wanted for so long.

Well…I’ve got news for you!

It’s finally HERE!  You can get that actuarial mentor now.

… It’s me, Brea (and my amazing team of actuary experts!)

We’re here to help you with everything…

Getting started on your actuarial journey

Learning the technical skills you need to stand out to employers

Passing actuarial exams as efficiently as possible

Creating your resume and preparing for interviews

Networking to get a job

How can we help you with all this?

Well, in order to give you the most support possible, we’ve bundled our two most popular actuarial programs into one, so that you have seamless, 100% support from us at every stage of your actuarial journey.

Our two most popular programs are:

  • The Actuary Accelerator Community
  • The Study Strategy Program

This Black Friday, you can get BOTH these programs, bundled together into one!

And that means you’ll save over $700 compared to regular pricing!

Imagine what a relief it’ll be to have the confidence that you’re really doing everything you possibly can to be successful.

That’s what you’ll get here! And you’ll never feel alone again either.

Now, let’s check out this one-time only deal..

Here’s what’s included in the Black Friday Bundle deal:

Unlimited Access to the Actuary Accelerator Community!

  • Excel training courses, projects and sample test ($100 value)
  • Exam P Video Study Materials; Available Jan 1, 2021 ($450 value)
  • WhatsApp group for networking with Brea and other members ($500 value)
  • Step-by-Step Actuary Accelerator Plan + 20 Learning Modules ($700 value)
  • Monthly LIVE members-only Q&A sessions with Brea ($360 value)
  • Resume Master Course ($100 value)
  • LinkedIn Networking Course ($100 value)

Total value of $2310!

Unlimited Access to the Study Strategy Program!

  • Personalized Study Strategy for Exam P, FM and/or IFM ($60 – $180 value)
  • One $250 Pass Guarantee; If you fail, we pay your next $250 exam fee* ($250 value)
  • 2 weekly accountability check-ins ($1040 value)
  • WhatsApp group for networking with other members ($200 value)
  • Math Q&A forum ($480 value)
  • Performance tracking ($480 value)

Total value of $2510!

That’s a total of $4,820 in actuarial coaching, resources, and support!

It’s everything you’ll want and need in order to make your actuarial career a success.

And it’s all waiting for you in one of our two Black Friday bundle options: 

Is this what you need to give yourself the best chance of getting an actuarial career?

There are obstacles you’ll face that you haven’t even thought about yet.

There are questions you’ll have that no one else can answer.

I know that because I’ve been in your shoes before.  I know what it’s like.  I know this journey is difficult.

Doing it by yourself, using the trial-and-error method, just makes the journey harder, longer and stressful.

That’s why I created these bundles for you…

… So that you can save yourself time and money, and get an actuarial job sooner.

… So that you have someone to rely on all the time.

… So that you have the confidence that you’re doing things the right way.

This is EXACTLY what I wish was around when I was on my own actuarial journey.  And now it’s a real thing, available for you to join!

(And trust me, it’ll pay for itself when you do get that actuarial job you’ve been dreaming of.)

So, don’t miss out on this ONE-TIME DEAL! It won’t last long. Only 100 Black Friday packages are available.

Invest in yourself and your career.

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