The Next Excel Ninja Challenge Starts Monday, March 18th, 2024!


 Become an Excel Pro for Actuarial Roles!

Learn beginner to advanced Excel for actuarial interviews and on-the-job success.

Almost every actuarial employer wants a candidate that knows how to use Excel.¬† In just 11 weeks, you’ll learn and practice the Excel skills you need to succeed, and you’ll get an Excel Ninja Certificate to add to your actuarial resume too!

Knowing how to use Excel like a Pro is one of the best ways to stand out to actuarial employers…

(and practicing with real actuarial projects will take your skills to the next level!)

Learn beginner to advanced Excel, and even some VBA programming too

Practice your new skills with real actuarial projects

Get your Excel Ninja Certificate to add to your resume

Learn beginner to advanced Excel, and even some VBA programming too

Practice your new skills with real actuarial projects

Get your Excel Ninja Certificate to add to your resume

Here’s What You Get

The Excel Ninja Challenge is an 11-week challenge where you’ll get step-by-step support in learning Excel (and beginner VBA) through pre-recorded video classes and live help sessions (optional to attend, always recorded).

By the end, you’ll have all the Excel skills you need to perform well on-the-job and impress actuarial employers during your interviews.

You’ll even get an Excel Ninja Certificate that you can add to your resume!

Here’s the schedule..

 Week 1 РExcel terminology, cell references, formatting & more

 Week 2 РRelative vs. absolute references

¬†Week 3 –¬†IF statements, nested formulas, random data & more

 Week 4 РVLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, named ranges

Week 5 РComplete Project # 1 (Excel)

Week 6 –¬† SUM formula, data validation, & more

Week 7 – Intro to VBA programming, creating macros

Week 8 – VBA looping, debugging code & more

Week 9 – Index + Match, Sort & Filter

Week 10 РPivotTables, graphing in Excel

Week 11 – Complete Project # 2 (Excel & VBA)

Upon Completion –¬†Receive your Excel Ninja Certificate of Completion to add to your actuarial resume.

Meet Your Excel Instructors

Nadine teaches Excel in the pre-recorded video sessions, that you’ll watch each week. Keiana, our current RMP Manager, is available for support sessions each week and while you complete the Excel Ninja Projects. Learn more about our team here!

Joining the Excel Ninja Challenge is super easy!

It all starts Monday, March 18th!

Why NOW is the Time to Learn Excel

Fall actuarial hiring season is happening right now (this is great to add to your resume)
It’s a skill you should learn early, so that you can practice it in real-world scenarios before you get an actuarial job
It’s the #1 most requested technical skill by actuarial employers (according to 2021 Entry-Level Actuarial Job Study)

Here’s What Prior Participants Have to Say…

Participation Requirements

 No prior knowledge of Excel is necessary

 Will require approximately 1 hour per week

 Excel license required (you can use Google Sheets for the first 7 weeks, and Microsoft does have a 30 day free trial of Excel that you can use for the remainder of the challenge)

 You can complete the challenge at your own convenience. Live support sessions are optional and replays will be available

 Must join on or before Monday, March 18th to participate

How Much Does The Ninja Challenge Cost?

The mistake that many aspiring actuaries make is that they think that learning Excel on their own will be cheaper.

But, what they often don’t take into account is it’s far less efficient, and doesn’t teach how Excel is used in an actuarial context.

By joining the Excel Ninja Challenge, you get to apply your skills to multiple actuarial-related scenarios.¬† Plus, you get to ask questions as you go (which is always a bonus when you’re trying to learn something new).

So, this is your chance to learn and apply your skills to actuarial projects and scenarios that you can talk about on your resume and during interviews.

It’s just $349 (or you can become a member of our Actuary Accelerator Community and participate for FREE as a member).