Fast Track to Actuarial Employment:
Unlocking Job Opportunities With Just One Exam

Discover how aspiring actuaries have been able to get entry-level actuarial jobs making $65K-$80K per year to start.

LIVE with Brea Fried, Associate of the Society of Actuaries | Monday, June 17 at 9pm ET

Are any of these TRUE for you?

You’ve already passed 2+ exams, but haven’t been able to find an actuarial job or internship yet. You’re starting to feel frustrated because you’ve put in the work but haven’t been able to get results. You might be losing motivation and starting to doubt yourself.

It’s unrealistic for you to pass 2-3 exams before you get a job because you have very limited time in a day. You feel like there’s a knot in your stomach when you think about your goals, because you have no idea how you’ll ever achieve them in such limited time.

You have less than 1 year to make the switch to actuarial work. You’re determined to get qualified as quickly as possible, but you feel overwhelmed with all the studying you’ll have to do before you even get a job.

If you said “YES” to any ONE of these, then this training is designed specifically to help you succeed!

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