Let’s Pass Your First Actuarial Exam!

Really want to pass your first actuarial exam, but not sure what to do?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve helped over 100 Exam P and FM candidates to significantly boost their chances of passing their first exam.

Now, I’m offering the same opportunity to YOU!


Success on exam day is almost guaranteed when you combine:

1. Someone really committed to passing (you)

2. An experienced mentor who’s dedicated to helping you pass (me)

3. A well-planned & personalized study strategy

The Study Strategy Program merges all 3 of these aspects together to skyrocket your odds of passing.


Here’s how it works

You’ll discover exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, to pass Exam P or FM. You’ll get the roadmap, the accountability, and all the support you need so that your exam prep is more efficient, less stressful and less time-consuming than it would be otherwise.

Think about it:

* Imagine how much time and money you’ll save.

You’ll always be focusing your study time on the things that will have the biggest impact on your success. You’ll skip over common beginner mistakes and you’ll invest only in the resources that will actually help you.

* Imagine learning a study strategy that’ll help you pass exams consistently.

The strategies and techniques that you’ll learn can be used over and over again. They’ll help you consistently pass your actuarial exams in the future so that you can enjoy the good salary, work-life balance, and career advancement that you want.


Who it will work for

No matter what your situation, having the guidance and support of someone experienced, who’s been in your shoes, will increase your chances of passing exponentially.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re only a month away from exam day, you’ll benefit by joining.  I’ll help you optimize your time and budget so that you’re always using it in the best way possible

If you’re writing Exam P or FM for the first time – I’m here.  If you’ve failed in the past and don’t want it to happen again I can help.

If you want to try writing an exam but have been hesitant or too busy – this is your time!

Maybe you just want someone to help you beat procrastination and keep you on track – You’ll get accountability here.

Career changers, math and actuarial science majors, super-busy full-time employees and students are all welcome. Your study strategy will be based on your needs, never rushed and always adjustable to changing situations.


Your total peace of mind

You can feel confident that you’ll pass if you put in consistent, high-quality effort.

But the $225 Pass Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if you write your exam and are not successful on exam day, your next $225 exam registration fee will be 100% paid for when you rewrite.

You’ll be eligible for the Pass Guarantee if:

• You’re in the program for at least 14 weeks

• You don’t fall more than 7 days behind schedule

• You join a membership level that includes the Pass Guarantee

Right now, I’m also including a 14-Day Trial Period so if you join and decide it’s not for you within 14 days, I’ll refund you 100%.


OK Brea, what next?

To work with me in the Study Strategy Program, click “Become a Member” under the membership that best suits your needs.