Last Bootcamp of 2023: Sept 18th & Sept 25th

Turn Your Resume Into an Interview-Getting-Machine

Together, let’s create the resume that will get you hired this Fall recruiting season!

Actuary Recruiting Season is Getting Close!

You’ve been working hard all year to become the best actuarial candidate you can be.

Well, now is when it all pays off!

If you’re looking to get an actuarial internship or entry-level actuarial job in 2024, then you may actually want to start your job search now.

From September to November, actuarial recruiters are in hiring mode!

They’re looking to attract all the best candidates to start working in the New Year (January 2024) or in the following months (February – May 2024).

They’re often hiring for summer internship positions during this time too!

How to Get Ready for Hiring Season

At this point, you’ve got the qualifications that you’ve got. You’ve worked hard for them and you should certainly be proud of that!

Some future actuaries might try to squeeze in time to make minor improvements to their qualifications before applying to jobs.

Truthfully, there likely isn’t much you can do in the next few weeks to significantly improve your candidacy for actuarial jobs.

So I recommend you get ready for hiring season in a different way.

A way that is going to give you a HUGE boost in your chances of getting hired.

And it will only take a few hours!

What is it?


Why Do a Resume Transformation?

If you’re like most future actuaries, you may sort of struggle with figuring out how to put together a resume that will actually get you hired.

One that makes you stand out.

One that makes you sound incredible.

One that makes you highly desirable.

The truth is, your resume can make or break your career!

If it’s not the best it can possibly be, it may result in fewer job opportunities (or none at all).

So what if we work together to transform your resume into an interview-getting-machine?

Would that give you the confidence that you’re doing EVERYTHING you can to make your actuarial dreams come true this season?

Well, that’s what will happen in the upcoming Actuary Resume Transformation Bootcamp!

Introducing the Actuary Resume Transformation Bootcamp

Here’s how it works..

Monday, Sept 18, 2023 @ 8:30pm ET, you’ll be invited to a live Actuarial Resume Transformation Training with Brea where you can follow along and create your resume on-the-spot

Discover how to write a top-notch actuarial resume from scratch, using all the right keywords that actuarial employers want to see

Learn how to describe your qualifications in a way that will attract actuarial employers (even if you think they’re not-so-relevant)

Ditch the “Career Objection” section of your resume, and replace it with a new section that highlights everything you have to offer

Monday, Sept 25, 2023 @ 8:30pm ET, you’ll be invited to a live Actuarial Resume Feedback Session with Brea where she’ll give live resume feedback to participants about their new resumes

Discover common mistakes you may have made so that you can avoid them

Learn how you can make minor adjustments to your new resume, to make a bigger impact on actuarial employers

Walk away with confidence that your resume is written in the best way to attract actuarial employers in the US and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Has this worked for others?

Brea has been helping future actuaries with their resumes for over 5 years now.

Denise used our resume advice and was able to land 8 actuarial interviews as a former math teacher.

Dean was able to transform his resume and get hired at a company that had previously rejected his application.

A rocket engineer was able to make the career change into actuarial work by adjusting his resume to appeal to an actuarial employer (instead of an engineering employer).

In addition, this has worked for many other future actuaries (including Brea herself!).

Your resume can make or break your career. If you want help making sure that you have the best chance of breaking into the actuarial career this fall, then save your spot right away!

I only have 1 exam passed. Is that OK?

Many future actuaries think that they need to have at least 2 exams passed in order to get their first job or internship.

So they wait to apply.

But you may be surprised to learn that 50% of actuarial employers only ask that you have 1 exam passed!

And if you’re a great candidate in other ways, some employers may even be willing to reduce their exam requirements for you.

If you have passed at least 1 exam, then don’t let this hiring season pass you by!

I don't have related experience. Is that OK?

If you’ve worked full-time, part-time, or as a volunteer, you likely have developed some transferrable skills that are relevant to the actuarial career.  During the training, Brea will help you pull out the most relevent skills from your past experience, so that you can include it on your resume.

In situations where you have very limited work experience, you will have to rely more on your other qualifications (communication skills, leadership skills, technical skills, exams and education).

If you end up getting more experience in the future, you will learn how to add that experience to your resume in a way that will attract actuarial employers. Rest assured that you can still continue to improve on your resume after this Bootcamp and you’ll have the knowledge to add it to your resume properly.

All participants get lifetime access to the recordings of both sessions for future viewing.

I have a low GPA. Is that OK for internships?

With a low GPA, you can still absolutely get an internship.

The key is to show employers all the other incredible qualifications that you have so that they are willing to reduce the emphasis that they put on your low GPA.

During the Actuary Resume Transformation Bootcamp, you’ll discover how to highlight all the qualifications that you want employers to know about. The qualfications that you’re proud of and that you know will help you perform well in an actuarial internship or entry-level position.

GPA is only one part of your candidacy for actuarial jobs. You have lots more to offer! 

Do I need to have my resume already created before the session?

For this session, you can start from scratch using the resume template that will be provided. Or, you can use your pre-existing resume and update it as you follow along.

First 10 Registrants Get a VIP Spot!

→ VIP registrants get personalized resume feedback on their NEW resume during session # 2!

Here’s What’s Included

(Sign up now and you’ll get a VIP spot!)

As a participant, you get:

Direct access to Brea to answer your resume related questions during live sessions

A resume template to make resume creation as easy as possible

Virtual access to Day 1 (LIVE) – Resume Creation Session (Sept 18th, 8:30pm – 10:00pm ET)

Create your resume in real-time as Brea guides you through exactly how to write each section of your resume to impress employers

Virtual access to Day 2 (LIVE) – Resume Critiques and Feedback Session (Sept 25th, 8:30pm – 10:00pm ET)

Everyone will get access to this session. VIP participants will get honest feedback on how to improve their resume even further, after writing it with the guidance given on Day 1. Other participants can learn from the feedback and apply it to their own resume.

Lifetime access to recordings of Day 1 and Day 2 sessions