If you’ve been working away on ADAPT exams, you’re probably wondering what level of exams you need to get up to in order to pass.

Most people agree that the real exam is usually around a level 4-5 for Exam P and FM. But, that doesn’t mean that you should stop when you reach that level. In fact, I encourage you to try to be passing at least level 6 exams.

Why pass level 6 exams?

It’s important to note that even though the exam itself is usually around a level 4-5, that means that some questions will be easier (level 2-3) and others will be much harder (level 6-7).

So that’s why I strongly encourage you to reach at least a level 6 and be able to confidently pass those with a score of at least 77%. If you can, you’ll be getting experience with the more difficult problems that are sure to show up on the exam.

Reaching earned level 7

On their website, Coaching Actuaries (the creator of ADAPT) states that 90% of students that earn an earned level 7 end up passing the real exam.

Just keep in mind that in some circumstances it can be very easy to artificially raise your earned level. For example, a member of the Study Strategy Program once got 100% on a level 3 exam. Instantly, that bumped his earned level up above a level 6.

Obviously, that’s a huge jump and I wouldn’t anticipate that anyone that got 100% on a level 3 exam would necessarily be able to successfully pass the exam.

So, your earned level is really only accurate, in my opinion, once you’ve taken at least 6 exams under exam conditions. By exam conditions I mean no notes, no distractions, no breaks and timed for 3 hours.

How to increase your ADAPT earned level

I thought it’d be helpful to link to this post that I wrote a while ago about simple tips to increase your ADAPT earned level.

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