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So you’re writing Exam P soon right? Well in this post, I’ve got my top 3 last minute Exam P tips that you can start applying in your last week of studying.  (These tips will work just as well for Exam FM too!)

Here’s an overview of my top 3 last minute Exam P tips:

Tip # 3: Review formulas before bed

Tip # 2: Write down the 6 minute mark on your page (so you don’t go over time)

Tip # 1: Redo questions you got wrong

To learn more about each one and learn how to implement it properly, either watch the video above or keep reading.

Here are 3 of my top last minute Exam P tips.


#3: Review formulas before bed

Did you know that ​our brain strengthens new memories while we’re sleeping?

So you’re much more likely to remember what you’ve read right before bed the previous night.

During your last week, spend the last 5-10 minutes before you go to sleep each night studying your formula sheet.

That’ll help a ton in memorizing all those tough, difficult-to-remember, formulas!

Bonus: It also helps you get to sleep quickly 🙂


#2: Write down the 6 minute mark

When you’re doing practice exams during your last week, try this tip.

Make sure to use it on exam day too.

Since you have 6 minutes to complete each question (3 hours, 30 questions)..

…Whenever you start a new question, write down in the top corner of your page, the time when you need to stop doing that question.

So, for example, if you start the question at time 21:30..

… write down 27:30 in the top corner.

And once you reach that time – STOP.

No going over allowed. Mark the question and come back later.

Consistently going over the 6 minute mark is a common mistake that causes Exam P writers to run out of time on the real exam.

It usually results in feeling really stressed as the last half hour counts down.

So don’t let it happen to you!


#1: Redo questions you got wrong

During your last week, if you haven’t done this already, redo all the questions that you got wrong during practice.

That means without looking at your notes!!

Redoing questions that you had trouble with really helps to enforce the concepts in your mind.



On exam day, if a similar question comes up you won’t have to recall back weeks ago to when you originally did that problem.

Instead, you will have just done it within the last week so it should be much easier to recall.

Actually, redoing wrong questions is something that should be done regularly throughout your entire study period.


Sooo those are 3 of my best last minute Exam P tips!

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