Did you know…?

Actuarial exams are some of the most difficult professional exams that exist today.

Fact: Only about 50% of candidates pass actuarial exams P and FM eaching sitting.

That’s because actuarial exams are unlike any exam you’ve taken before. 

They require 4+ months of studying
 The math is extremely difficult
There’s no teacher to show you how it works
You have to do all your studying on your own time (no scheduled classes!)

For that reason, SO many future actuaries feel completely on their own when it comes to actuarial exams.

They don’t have any experience with these exams, so they don’t know how to create study plans that work long-term.

Unfortunately, that means that failing an exam is quite common.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you!


Instead of trying to prepare for your first exam on your own, you get help.

You get my personalized advice for YOU about your actuarial exam, so you don’t have to guess what you should be working on.

You learn how to properly prepare, so you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re going to pass.

You pass your exam on the very first try!

AND, you learn study techniques that will help you pass every single actuarial exam after that.

… Well, you don’t have to imagine!! …


Here’s what’s included!

30-Minute Exam Prep Consultation Call

You’ll get a one-on-one consultation call with Brea to help you get started on your first exam.

During this call, Brea will answer all your questions and give you tons of personalized advice. She’ll also help you decide what would be the best course of action for you, in order to maximize your chances of passing,

This call will give you the mentorship you need to start your actuarial exam prep off right!

Personalized Study Strategy

Within a few days of your consultation call, Brea will send you a complete personalized, day-by-day study plan that you can use to fully prepare for your exam.

The plan will take into consideration your time constraints, preferred learning style, and anything else necessary to ensure it fits all your needs.

You’ll have an exact plan to follow every day until your exam to give you the best chance of passing. You’ll know exactly what you have to work on, every step of the way!

A Community of Future Actuaries Like You

You’ll get access to our members-only WhatsApp group for your exam, where you can connect with other future actuaries, ask questions, and motivate each other!

Having a community is an invaluable asset, especially when you’re taking on a big challenge like an actuarial exam. Being able to talk to others who know what you’re going through can make all the difference!

Ready to Get Started?

The Exam Prep Consultation Bundle is an AMAZING opportunity to get expert help with your first actuarial exam. You’ll have the guidance you need to get started with confidence, stick to your plan, and pass your exam!

So, are you ready to invest in yourself?

For an investment of $249, you get everything in the Exam Prep Consultation Bundle.

That includes

Help deciding which exam to take first and which study materials to choose

A 30-minute exam consultation call with Brea to get TONS of exam advice

Your personalized study plan built around your availability, needs, and goals

Access to a community of future actuaries like you to keep you motivated throughout the entire process

These resources will be invaluable for anyone taking their first actuarial exam. They’ll dramatically increase your chances of passing, and give you a supportive community to keep you going through it all.

But if you want in, you’ve got to act fast.

There are only 10 spots available for this bundle!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which actuarial exams does the Exam Prep Consultation Bundle help with?

We are able to help you with actuarial Exam P/1 or Exam FM/2.  If you don’t know which exam you want to take first, Brea can help you figure that out!

How much is this bundle?

Details about the pricing of this bundle can be found here.

Is the Exam Prep Consultation Bundle good for someone new to the actuarial career?

This bundle is designed to help future actuaries that are new to the actuarial career, and are seeking support to prepare for their first exam.  You’ll get access to Brea to prepare you for this milestone event in your career!

How much time do I need to dedicate?

When your personal study plan is created, we will take into consideration how much time you have available.

At a minimum, 10 hours a week of study time is recommended in order to pass your exam within 6 months.

Are study materials included?

Study materials are not included. When you have your consultation call with Brea, she will help you decide which style of study materials would work best for your learning style and budget.

Then, you can purchase the study materials that work best for you based on Brea’s recommendations.

If you have any other questions about the bundle, I’d be happy to answer them. Just email me at support@etchedactuarial.com and I’ll get back to you soon.