Trying to figure out how to pass actuarial exams fast?  They’re tough! But here I’m going to tell you the secret to passing them quickly.

So if you’ve haven’t looked recently, the pass rates for Exam P and FM (the first actuarial exams most people take) are about 50% percent right now which seems really low.

That means that only 50% are passing and if you think about it that’s including people that are writing for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th time for example. So the number of people that are actually passing on their first attempt at these exams is actually really really low.

Why?  Well, it’s not because these people don’t have very good study materials. There are lots of really good study materials out there.. ASM, ACTEX, TIA, Coaching Actuaries. They’re all really awesome!

So that’s obviously not the problem.

The problem is that people don’t know how to study properly for these exams, because they’re so much different than what we’re used to.

When you’re just getting started, it’s totally understandable if you have no idea how to pass actuarial exams.  How could you? It’s your first time!

How to pass actuarial exams

You’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed if you’ve looked at all the stuff you need to know for the exam.

So I call this “how to study” your study strategy.

It’s your step-by-step action plan on how to pass your first actuarial exam.

When you have a concrete study strategy in place, you feel really focused and organized, and it really gives you momentum to keep going day in and day out because you know that if you follow the steps you’re going to be prepared by exam day.

It’s a process.  If you follow it properly.. it rarely goes wrong!

Having a study strategy & process in place is the quickest way to pass actuarial exams.

Now you may be wondering…

What is a study strategy?

Well, if you have a good study strategy in place, it’s like having all the clarity, the accountability, the best studying roadmap and all the support you need in order to be successful, all wrapped up into one bundle.

It’s like knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.  It’s takes the overwhelm and confusion out of studying.  It’s like lifting a weight off your shoulders and having all the confidence and resources that you need to pass.

Some of the most common things that I find is that people procrastinate on studying so they end up falling behind on schedule and they don’t get in enough quality practice problems before exam day.  Some people focus way too much on the wrong things (like memorization) and don’t spend enough time doing the things that are really going to help them.

Lots of people just don’t have a good enough understanding of the exam topics to be able to pass.

A well designed study strategy will make sure these things don’t happen.  A study strategy, if followed, will have you completely prepared by exam day.  And that’s what you want!…. right?

How to get your own study strategy

So now that you know all this, I’m sure you’re trying to figure out how you can actually get your study strategy in place.

Honestly, it’s almost impossible to create a study strategy 100% without the guidance of someone who has already passed the exam.  Otherwise, you’re just taking the ‘trial and error’ approach and hoping that whatever you do is right.

The ‘trial and error’ approach is not reliable! Especially if you want to pass on the first attempt.

So I’ve created a Study Strategy Program where I will actually create a study strategy just for you! And work with you, throughout your entire study period, to implement it properly, answer all your questions, and guide you in the right direction at each step of the way.

The Study Strategy Program is the best way to make sure you know exactly how to pass your first exam!

And the best part?  If you don’t pass I pay for your next $225 exam registration fee when you write again... so it’s win-win for you!

One of the biggest benefits of the Study Strategy Program is the accountability because in my Program I do regular check-ins with my clients and those check-ins give you deadlines. When you have deadlines those really push you forward and motivate you to keep going.

(Oh, and you’ll have someone to answer every single question that comes up along the way.  You’ll never be lost!)

So if that sounds like something that would interested you, check it out here!

I truly believe that having a proper study strategy in place is so important for passing and if you’re really committed to passing on your first attempt, or even if you’ve failed in the past, and you want to pass the next time, I highly suggest you join.

Remember, it’s win-win for you.  You just have to decide if your exam is really worth it or not.  If you’re willing to invest in yourself, and give yourself the best chance of passing rather than maybe just scrapping by (or worse, failing) then seriously, check out the Study Strategy program!

I accommodate everything to you.  So what are you waiting for?

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Get an actuarial job even in today's competitive market!

Get all my best tips on how to become a TOP actuarial candidate so that you can get your actuarial dream job.

Just add your email below.