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Can’t pass actuarial exams

by | Actuarial Exams

So I get it, you’re feeling like you can’t pass actuarial exams right?

I completely sympathize with you. I failed Exam P twice before I passed.

It was sorta depressing. I honestly felt like giving up.

But looking back now (I’ve passed 6 of 8), I totally see what I was doing wrong back then.

It was impossible to see it or understand it when I was in the midst of it. You probably feel like you’ve done everything you can. Like you’ve tried everything and it’s just not working… right?

I assure you, that if you’re willing to put in the effort and time that it takes to study properly, I can show you what I’ve learned about how to pass, and you’ll never feel like you can’t pass actuarial exams again!

So my guess is that you’ve probably used a great study guide. Most people choose one of the major 4 guides… either ACTEX, ASM, TIA or Coaching Actuaries for Exam P and FM.

Thing is, they’re all great so that’s not the problem.

The problem is likely that you’ve never been taught the proper study STRATEGY for actuarial exams. Studying for actuarial exams is completely different than studying for any exam you’ve taken in college or university.

With actuarial exams, you don’t have an instructor guiding you at each step of the way. You don’t have deadlines to push you to get stuff done. You need to study for months at a time and there’s way more material to know and understand on actuarial exams.

…Did I mention they’re way harder?

When you really look at all the differences, it’s no wonder that actuarial exams require a completely structured study strategy, whereas none of your other exams did, right?

Unfortunately, they don’t teach you that in school! So it’s not your fault.

Creating a successful study strategy for Exam P and FM is no easy task either though. It takes a lot of planning and organization, and you actually have to know how you should study in order to make it effective.

That’s where I come in.

I recently worked with Jake, a stats major that had failed Exam P THREE TIMES and couldn’t figure out what he was don’t wrong. He, I’m sure, felt like he couldn’t pass actuarial exams either. He was about to give up!

But, by working with Jake to create and implement a proper study strategy for Exam P, he was able to pass it on his 4th attempt! (Read his whole story here)

Honestly, I work with a lot of people writing actuarial exams but I reeeeeeally love helping the people that have failed in the past because I know they CAN pass, it’s just that they need the proper direction in doing so.

It’s awesome to be able to help them now, because I totally know how it feels to fail over and over again even when you try so hard.


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So the first step you need to take, right now, in order to pass your exam the next time is to join my Study Strategy Program, where I’ll guide you step-by-step throughout your entire study period.

This is how you’ll learn the proper study techniques and strategies for actuarial exams so that you can apply them to all the other exams you’ll take in the future.

You won’t have to feel like you can’t pass actuarial exams anymore. This is possible for you, ONLY if you’re committed, willing to put in the effort and dedicate yourself to passing this time.