Finding it difficult to fit in enough time to study for Exam P or FM?

I had this problem too when I was writing the prelim exams.  I'd always try to commit myself to way too many things.

Like for example, when I was writing Exam MLC,
...I had a full-time co-op job
...I was working a part-time job after
...I was trying to keep fit and healthy
...I was studying for the exam
...I trying to have a bit of a social life

And I was exhausted.

It was just way too much.  Can you relate?

If so, keep reading or watch the video above to find out what you should do.

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Picking your priorities... is your exam one?

You can only have so many priorities in your life at any time.

Otherwise you’ll be spreading yourself too thin and won’t be able to put your full mental and physical energy into them to achieve.

You'll never reach your full potential on any of them.  Instead you'll just do mediocre at all of them.

(That's why I never advise writing two exams at the same time! Better to write one and be sure you pass than to write two and get a 5 - just below a pass - on both.)

If you can’t find enough time to study, you’re likely trying to prioritize too many things.

You need to consciously choose which things you’re going to prioritize and which things you’re going to purposely slack off at this time in your life.

So right now, before reading further, decide what your only 4 priorities will be for the next month. Yes, you should only choose 4.

Seriously... what will they be?



Splitting up your priorities

Now that you've decided on what your priorities are going to be for the next month, you should split them up into the "must dos" and the "need to dos" so that you can divide your limited time appropriately between them.

> "Must do" priorities are the ones that you don’t want to spend time on but need to in order to further your career and improve your life in the future. (ie. exams, school, job)

> "Want to do" priorities are much more enjoyable and things that you actually want to do (ie. family, sports, music, health, expanding knowledge)

Once you’ve decided on your 4 priorities, split them into buckets.
Bucket A: Your "must do" priorities
Bucket B: Your "want to do" priorities

My guess is, that if you’re anything like me, your “must do” priorities probably take up way more time than you’d like them to.  They tend to be even HIGHER priority than the “want to do” bucket because the “must dos” usually have due dates and timelines attached to them.

If you spend too much time on the “must do” bucket, that creates imbalance in your life and will make quickly make you burn out. (Been there done that. You too?  Maybe you’re already feeling that right now..)

It makes life feel a bit unenjoyable.

So what you need to do is figure out how you can spend LESS time on those “must dos” and consequently more time on the “want to dos”.

That's when you'll start to feel more enthusiastic and upbeat... and more focused and motivated!  Because you'll have time to do the things you want to do, not just the things you need to do.

If you’ve put Exam P or FM on your list of priorities for the next month.. it’s probably a “must do” (you’re not so eager and excited to study that you actually look forward to it each and every day, are you??? haha).

Studying will have to be one of your highest priorities.  It'll require tons of your time.

Studying tips to reduce the amount of time you need

So here are some ways that you could speed up your studying so that you can reduce the amount of time you need to spend on it

- Ask others (that have already passed) exactly what they did and replicate it.  (or join the Study Strategy Program where I can show you exactly what to do)

- Set specific goals to achieve each day (my members get a Daily Goals Calendar so that they’re never studying more than they need to - you can base your goals off this study schedule - Exam P - Exam FM)

- Ask questions rather than spending hours trying to figure stuff out alone (I answer all my Study Strategy Program members’ questions via email or in our private Facebook group)

- Increase your focus by giving yourself a time limit to finish your Daily Goal (my members can typically get their Daily Goal done in 2 hours per day)

- Join the Study Strategy Program (follow the most time efficient method of passing Exam P and FM)

Now, I'm sure you have some other thoughts on how you can speed up your studying too.  But make sure you're thinking of ways to speed up all your "must do" tasks too if possible.

Could you study while you're commuting to work or school?
Could you possibly go part-time at work or school while you're studying for your exam?
Could you work with a friend to get assignments done faster?

After-all... you need to enjoy the process.. not just the end result.

Just some things to think about!