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What is a study strategy? It’s not just a schedule..

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Actuarial Exams

Do you have a study strategy? If not, you’re just like most first time exam writers.

You probably didn’t even realize you needed one, right?

When you’re just starting out, its completely understandable not to have one. ¬†No one told you!

I didn’t have one when I was first started writing actuarial exams either.

So what exactly is a study strategy? You may have heard the term before.

A study strategy is a lot more than just a study schedule. ¬†It’s much more dynamic.¬†(But we do have a sample 12 week schedule for Exam P and Exam FM¬†if you want to check them out)

It’s the entire studying and exam writing process, from start to finish, all wrapped up into one complete bundle.¬†

A study strategy involves picking the best study materials that are right for your unique learning style, your budget and your prior understanding of the exam topics. Every study manual isn’t right for every person.. we’re all different!

It’s about figuring out not just what to study but also¬†how to study. ¬†Actuarial exams aren’t near as easy as the exams you usually take.

Your study strategy should encompass all the tactics and nuances that you need to be paying attention to early on in your study process so that you are properly prepared for the later steps.  You need to know which formulas are the most important and exactly how you should go about learning, understanding, and memorizing them.

There are lots of small things that you need to do early on when you first get started that will make your life a lot easier later on. Making these a part of your study strategy is important.

Are you wasting time¬†getting bogged down in the details of your first study manual read-through? That’s something you¬†need to be considering when you create your master study plan.

Having a proper study strategy includes having a study schedule that will make sure that you are actually¬†ready for your exam on exam day. ¬†You don’t want to be wishing you had another 2 weeks of extra study time because you didn’t manage your study time properly.

A study strategy is your “studying game plan”. ¬†It’s your how-to blueprint of the exact approach that you’re going to take for studying.

But far too many students don’t realize the true value in this. ¬†You can’t just go into actuarial exams blind and hope for the best. That’s not a reliable system. ¬†You need to have an actionable study strategy that is proven to work..

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