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Actuaries are Challenge Seekers?

by | Getting Started

Hm, well I just had a bit of an epiphany.

Earlier today I talked to someone really smart in the field of psychology.

I’m fascinated with the human mind and how people think. It’s just so awesome.

So today during our discussion, he said to me “You’re a challenge seeker. That’s why you go so hard on everything and never give yourself a break.”

It’s true though. And I never realized it really.

I mean – this makes a TON of sense.

I always keep pushing no matter how hard something gets. I rarely ask for help.

I usually have the mindset that if I ask for help… it’s not really “doing it myself”.

But not so long ago, now that I’ve been on my actuarial journey for over 8 years now, I was kinda debating on whether or not I really wanted to finish my actuarial exams.

It has taken way longer than I had anticipated.

And while I knew I COULD finish them, I was just feeling that I’d rather spend my time helping people like you get through Exam P and FM quickly so that this actuarial journey doesn’t take them as long as it has taken me.

Honestly, (I know I’ve said this before) looking back now I wish I had the same kind of help during Exam P and FM as I’m now offer in my Study Strategy Consulting Program.

BUT (disclaimer) I’m not sure I would have actually TAKEN that help when I was first starting.

I would have had to go against my inner-self saying “no I can do this myself.. if I get help it’s cheating… I’ll figure it out”.

That would have been the inner “challenge seeker” in me. Trying to do everything myself.

But now that I realize how long this process takes and how difficult it is – I say “Screw the Inner Challenge Seeker. I’ll take absolutely any help I can get!!”

It’s still totally my accomplishment. Getting help doesn’t take that away from you. It’s just the wiser and more informed approach to accomplishing my goal.

So ya… I wanted to share this with you, because maybe subconsciously, you’re being a “challenge seeker” too and you’re just unnecessarily extending the amount of time and increasing the amount of stress that actuarial exams cause you.

If you’re feeling that maybe, just maybe, that’s you – don’t be afraid to ASK FOR HELP! It can literally shave years off of your journey to becoming an actuary.

Even if you don’t appreciate it much now, you will in 5-6 years when you get done earlier than all the others that tried to do it alone.