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Use this strategy to kick your butt into gear

by | Actuarial Exams

Well I did it!

I’m using my own tactics against myself.

About a year ago now I got in really good shape for a trip to the Dominican. But then after the trip I stopped eating as healthy and well.. I gained a few pounds back. 7 to be exact!

And I’ve been wanting to get back to healthy eating most of the time but it’s just been a bit of a struggle with no one to really “report” to. I’m easily tempted by sweet treats and take out!

Oh, and sometimes I don’t get in all 3 of my weightlifting workouts in each week. (Soccer is my cardio though – I never miss that!)

Soooo what did I do?

Well I’ve finally decided to commit to it! I’ve found a group of 4 other ladies that want to achieve the same goal and we’re now an accountability group.

I know for sure that this will get me to finally stick to that goal of losing the 7 pounds.

– I’m going to share my exact goals with them for each day

– Let them know when I accomplish each goal.

– I’ll feel way too embarrassed & ashamed if I go off track.

– It’s the perfect way to force myself into this!

I’m a bit of a health & fitness geek so I really hate how poorly I’ve been eating over the past year.

Shouldn’t take too long. 2-3 pounds is just “water weight” which is water that your body holds onto when you’ve got a higher carb diet. So that’ll come off reasonably quickly with consistently good eating and intense exercise.

So why am I telling you this?

Because the magic of accountability can be applied to ANY goal you have.  Whether it be to lose weight.  Pass Exam P or FM.  Read a book a week.

Doesn’t matter.  Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE and you’ll see results… I promise.

If you’re writing Exam P or FM soon, accountability would be a sure-fire way to kick your butt into gear like I have! So come get started with me and let’s both work on these goals together!