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Stage 1: Getting Started – First time through your study guide

by | Actuarial Exams

This blog post is has been made specifically for members of my Study Strategy Consulting Program, but I’m sure the process can help many others too.

The first thing to look at when you get your study strategy workbook is your [Daily Goals] tab.  In this tab, I’ve created a fully customized calendar of daily goals for you to aim to achieve each day.

The Daily Goals calendar is uniquely created for you based on the answers that you provided in the “Getting Started” survey.

As you’ll see, the first month or so (longer if the material is very new to you) of your Daily Goals calendar is primarily dedicated to going through your study material for the first time.

The numbers shown in each day’s block correspond to section in your study manual or your online seminar.


Being that this is your first time through the study material, take it slow and make sure that you’re preparing yourself now for easier studying later.

For each lesson, this means:

– (If no prior knowledge) Go through the lesson once entirely before moving onto the next step.

Go through the lesson slowly, writing down short notes as you go because often you’ll understand things when it’s being explained step-by-step to you, but later it’s easy to forget.

If your lesson includes any practice problems, do 2 – 3 of them using your notes and the solution if you need to (you do not need to track these problems in your [Development Monitoring] tab).

Track the difficulty of the lesson in your [Development Monitoring] tab so that later we will know which topics were the most difficult for you and which you found easy.

– (If Q&A support member) Ask me any questions you have about the topics or practice problems

A few DON’Ts

Don’t get hung up on any section or practice problem (ask for help, check out the free Finan study manual, or see if you can find a YouTube video)

– At this point, don’t worry about memorizing anything (you’ll have lots of time for that later)

Of course, if you have any questions about this process or would like to add Q&A email support to your plan, get in touch with me!

I answer all your emails on check-in days (you’ll get an email about those in a day or two if you haven’t already).

Woohoo! Now go get started 🙂