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Writing your first exam? I’m here to help

by | Actuarial Exams

Have you heard? You can now get personalized, step-by-step guidance on the best methods of studying for your first actuarial exam.

How? With Study Strategy Consulting offered by myself, Brea-Nicole.

I wrote my first exam back in 2008.

I really wanted to pass. I was aiming to get at least a couple exams done before I applied for my first internship positions.

Let’s face it. My school (University of Waterloo) had a great co-op/internship program for actuarial students, but if I didn’t have any exams passed I knew I wasn’t going to get any of them.

I had put a ton of pressure on myself.

I remember, after first seeing the study manual that I had ordered, wondering how I was possibly supposed to learn and remember all the math, complex formulas, definitions & crazy equations in this HUGE book.

I was completely overwhelmed.

No clue how to start or what to do. No idea what the actual exam would really be like or if I was even smart enough to be able to pass it.

How much do I really need to prepare?
Is this study manual enough?
Am I even studying the right way?

These were all questions I was asking myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know anyone else that had already gone through the exams either. I had no one to ask.

I totally remember what it’s like to feel like this and that’s why I’m now helping students that are in the exact same position now as I was in 9 years ago.

I’ve passed all the prelim exams now and am helping dozens of other Exam P and FM students pass their exam right now, so it’s safe to say I’ve finally figured out the “passing formula”. (I even guarantee you pass or I pay your next exam registration fee)

How it works

I’d love to help you too, so let me tell you a little bit more about the process you’ll go through when you join the Study Strategy Consulting Program.

I start off by making sure I get to know more about you and your specific situation. You’re unique compared to all the other students writing the exam. You have different priorities, a completely different schedule, a different learning style and a different budget.

I take all that into consideration in order to create a perfect, customized study strategy for you.

Over the next several months, you’ll be studying a bit almost every day (following the Daily Goals Calendar that I’ve created for you) so that you have the best chances of retaining all the information you learn.

It’s best to go slow so that you have lots of time to absorb all the information and ask questions when you need to.

Throughout your study period, you’ll be tracking the difficulty of each topic that you cover and all the questions you do so that I have a very good idea of the progress you’re making. This gives me all the data that I need in order to adjust your study strategy along the way so that it best fits your individual needs.

I also set regular check-in dates so to make sure that you’re staying on track (no procrastination allowed in this program!) and at that time I also spend time reviewing your progress, answer any questions you’ve sent me, as well as update your strategy if needed.

We work closely together throughout your entire study period so that you always feel confident that you’re studying the right way and never have to waste time trying to figure things out on your own.

Does this sound like something perfect for you? Check it out here!