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Are you wasting hours studying?

by | Actuarial Exams

When I was preparing for my first exam, I probably spent somewhere around 450 hours studying in total.

Wait, let me repeat that.

When I was preparing for my first exam, I probably spent somewhere around 450 hours “studying” in total.

That’s right.

These days I wouldn’t even call it “studying”.

I mean, for the first week maybe I did some good studying.  But beyond that it wasn’t new and exciting anymore so it quickly became a chore that I didn’t wanna do anymore!

And it got worse overtime.

Seriously, right in the middle of studying, I’d decide that “oh, I need to go make something to eat”, or “oh, I forgot to pay that bill yesterday… better pay it now”, or “I think I should just take a 15 minute break, then maybe I’ll feel more like studying after that”.

See how I was constantly distracted?

I was rarely spending those “study” hours actually STUDYING.  And as you know, it lead to failure.

But here’s what I’ve discovered more recently.

I work far, far, FAR more efficiently if I know EXACTLY what I need to do and once that task is done, I’m know done.

It gives me something to work towards.

The problem with my old study method was that I’d just sit down and try to study when I could.  I’d just aim to get as much done as I could.  I had no specific goal.  No objective.

Is that something you’re doing now during your studying?  Or something that you’ve found yourself doing while studying for other tests and exams?

Do you find that you’re distracted by the smallest things?

It’s our mind’s way of procrastinating.

So, that’s why in my Study Strategy Consulting program I’d create very specific tasks for you to complete each day.  I call these my “Daily Goals” and I put them into your “Daily Goals Calendar”.

That way, you know what you need to do that day and it results in study time that’s wayyyyy more focused and efficient.  You get done in an hour what non-members get done in 3+ hours.

That’s one of the many reasons the program tends to save so much time for busy people.

I know you’ve probably got lots of other things going on in your day-to-day life.  Work, school, relationships.  You might even wanna relax a bit too!!

That’s all possible in the Study Strategy Consulting program, so if you haven’t joined yet – jump in today.