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Here’s What to Expect on Exam Day

by | May 7, 2017 | Actuarial Exams

Exam day can feel slightly scary.  You’re often already a bit nervous/anxious going into the day but having to go to a new place and figure out how everything works can just add more stress to your day, which you don’t need right before you write your exam.  So to lessen the “unknown” a bit for you, here’s a short run-through of what you can expect on exam day.


First, arrive early! Rushing around right before your exam trying to find the right building and a place to park can totally throw off your exam writing strategy.  Plan to get to the test center about an hour before your exam so that you’ll have lots of time to get through traffic, find the exam center and find parking.  If you’re early, you can review your notes or just sit and relax, but you won’t want to risk being late!

Entering the exam center about 20-30 minutes before your exam sitting is enough time to get in, settle in and get signed in.

Checking In

When you get to the exam center, you’ll be asked to lock all your belongings away except for your calculators (you can’t even bring in the calculator covers).  If you want to bring in a sweater, you’ll need to be wearing it as my exam center wouldn’t let me just bring it in and put it over the back of my chair.

Next you’ll be asked to sign in.  You’ll have to sign your name and put the time and date on the page and they may ask you to complete some security precautions.  At my exam center, I had to provide my finger print and go through a metal detector (they’re very serious about this stuff!!).

A proctor will lead you to your computer in the exam room, she will turn it on, and then provide you with pencils, your scratch paper booklet and earmuffs to reduce noise if you’d like to wear them.


Read Through Period

Once you get on your computer you will have to confirm that your name and exam provided on the screen are correct and then you will start the 15 minute tutorial on how to do everything within the testing environment.  It’s all quite simple and if you’ve used ADAPT for your study preparation then you’ll already be quite familiar with the environment.

Once you’re done the tutorial, you can either wait until the 15 minutes is up or you can start your exam right away.

Writing the Exam

You will have 3 hours to complete your exam.

Once your exam is done and you submit it, you will be asked to complete a “short” survey (it’s really not that long but it feels long because you know what’s coming next).  The survey asks you about the test center and your satisfaction with it (I’ve heard some pretty bad stories – but don’t worry, these are rare!) as well as some questions about exam coverage, etc.

Preliminary Results

Once you’ve completed the survey, your result will show! Hopefully it’s a “Congratulations, you’ve passed Exam P” but if not, better luck next time and get into the Next Step Community where we GUARANTEE you pass your exams!!

Are there any questions you have about exam day that I haven’t answered here?  Ask away in the comments and I’ll get back to you!


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