Is your exam important to you?

by | Actuarial Exams

Do you ever listen to podcasts?  Aren’t they so awesome?

An endless number of episodes about soo many interesting topics.  I’m addicted.

Anyway, today in the podcast I was listing to during my lunch break walk around the block, the host asked a question…. “Are you spending your time on tasks that are urgent or tasks that are important?”

Interesting question, right?  Important tasks and urgent tasks aren’t one in the same.

It made me realize how I’m spending so many hours of my day doing “urgent” tasks…. the tasks that need to get done within a short time frame.

It could be going to work.  It could be making dinner.  It could be doing check-ins for my Study Strategy program members.  It could be going to my soccer game in the evening.

They all need to be done by a set time.  They’re all scheduled into my calendar.

BUT, are all these tasks “important”?  Well in my case, yes actually all these tasks are also important to me.  They’re helping me improve myself and achieve my goals.

But notice how I get all those “important” things done because they are ALSO “urgent”?  I’m rarely able to find time to fit in all the other things that are important to me but not urgent (like passing more actuarial exams and volunteering more often).

Are you doing this too? Are you filling your time with things that are urgent AND important, and just slugging along on things that are just important?

If so, here’s an idea on how to solve that problem…

Book those important things into you schedule.  Make them non-negotiable.  Commit to events, programs, or groups that will force you schedule time into your calendar and make those goals URGENT.  And that’s when you’ll start seeing progress!!

Notice that all those things that are urgent have time allocated to them each day, almost automatically?

That’s why members of my Study Strategy program tend to get their studying done wayyy quicker than people not in it.. because they have deadlines, making the studying URGENT and therefore allocating TIME to it, almost automatically.

That’s why every day, you go to school or work almost automatically.  It’s scheduled in and you’ve gotta get it done.

So figure out what’s really important to you and find a way to fit those tasks into your schedule each day or each week.

Hope this was as insightful for you as it was for me. 🙂

If you want to make your exam URGENT, come join me in the Study Strategy program.  I set up a Daily Goals calendar for you and I check in with you 2 times per week to make sure you’re keeping up-to date, so the added urgency to your important studying pushes you into action!