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The study strategy that works for all exams

by | Actuarial Exams

When I decided to start my Actuary Accelerator Community program, I intentionally made it for people writing Exam P and Exam FM.

Why?  Because those are the first two exams and I thought that people just starting out (like you) would benefit most from having a study strategy created for them.

I just knew it would be super helpful for first time exam writers to have someone create a whole study strategy specifically for them.  It’s something I wish I had when I was writing those exams.

But something I never expected is happening now.

People writing the FSA exams are coming to me too now and asking me to do the same thing for them!!

FSA exams are the exams AFTER all the preliminary exams.

These people have already written at least 5 actuarial exams.  They know how to study! But they still want to join the program.

They want their entire study calendar all mapped out for them so that they have Daily Goals to achieve each day.

They want accountability check-ins so that even when things get busy they have someone encouraging them to get their studying done.

They want guidance on how to best spend their study time and improve focus and concentration.

These are all elements that absolutely need to be in a good study strategy.

So, when and if you decide to invest in the actuary accelator community just realize this..

The process that I guide you through isn’t just for Exam P or FM.  The same process can be used for all actuarial exams.  Whether it’s Exam P. FM. IFM. LTAM. STAM.PA. Or even the later FSA level exams.

What’s why I definitely believe that when you’re writing your first exam, you should think of joining the program as an investment into your entire actuarial journey.  Not just to pass Exam P.  Not just to pass Exam FM.

These strategies will stick with you.  They’ll help you pass exams quicker and they’ll save you money longer term.

Wanna find out more about how I can help you create an awesome study strategy that will boost your chances of passing your exam?

Check out the Actuary Accelerator Community!