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Write your exam NOW. Don’t wait. Here’s why.

by | Actuarial Exams

So I got an email earlier this week from someone considering joining the Study Strategy Program.

She wrote and said something like “I’m going to write my exam in 6 months”.

I wrote back and said “WHYYYY??”

Haha.  Ok, not quite like that.

But I did wonder why.  Why was she choosing to wait so long to write an exam?  By the time 6 months comes around, she’s gunna be totally burnt out.  The topics on these exams just can’t stay interesting for 6 months at a time!!

So I suggested this, why not start now, but aim for 4 months of studying?

4 months is perfect.

Worst case – if we don’t feel that she’s going to be ready for the exam in 4 months by the registration deadline, we can push it out another 2 months at that time.

But why delay if there’s no real need to?

Guess what.

She decided that actually, what I was suggesting would in fact be the better choice.

So what I’m saying is please, don’t delay your exam!

Do it now!!

Unless the timing is extremely inconvenient or there’s some really good reason that you’re deciding to postpone then just do it now.

Get started today.

Timing is never going to be ideal. 

There are never 3 – 4 months in your life where it’s just going to be so much easier.

There are always going to be obstacles.  Always going to be other things going on.

The best part is that if you join the Study Strategy Program, you have someone to help you rearrange your study strategy if things come up.   I do strategy adjustments all the time for people that have major life events happen, or who just don’t have as much time as they thought they would.

But the thing is, they attempt to be ready by the earlier date and it may or may not end up being possible.  That’s how I know they’re committed.

If you actually plan to be ready by the later date (ie 6+ months) then you’re just stretching out your study time way more than you need to.  You could pass 2 exams in that time!!

So ya..

Stop delaying.  Start studying now!

& I can show you step-by-step how to pass the first time if you join my Study Strategy Consulting Program